Monday, September 29, 2014

Multitude Monday 920-930

920-Thankful this week for a wonderful bible conference weekend

921-Thankful to see our kids running around the conference with a bunch of christian friends.
{quite possibly my highlight, as I am seeing what kinds of :friends: are out there... and pray each day they are preserved.}

922-Thankful for delish food that gets cooked just once a year for conference :) My mom is Miss Betty Crocker and breakfasts & sweets are my downfall, and I fell. Hard. YUM.
923-Thankful for meeting a sweet lady, graveside. She was also watering flowers at a grave, and she said she loved my dad's grave and had stopped to read the verse. Please pray that she would wonder more about the verse and the Bible, and if she isn't on her way to Heaven, that this grave, could show her the way.

924- Thankful for this cutie & his love for all things "manly"- swords, brooms, umbrellas and bats :)
925-Thankful for Kiersten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge.
926- Thankful to see a graduation at Pacific Garden Mission #weareblessed #don'ttakethingsforgranted
927- Thankful for The Best Yes book & time to read each morning, while sipping Pumpkin Spice Dunkin (Keurig cups are on sale, at Dunkin, 6.99 for a box)
928- Thankful for new running shoes
929- Thankful for encouraging, deep conversations
930- Thankful for MNF: GO PATS!!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Multitude Monday

Today I am thankful for

*My brother celebrating being with our family for a year; sober & saved. Seriously, my blog post should end here. Enough said. You, my reader, I am sure were a prayer warrior for him and for us, and I am giving you a massive E Hug right now. Thank you. May this be an encouragement - that no one is ever too far away from God- even though the storm is real. The waves are high. The boat seems like it has sunk. To the bottom. The very very very bottom. O ye of little faith. God was there our whole time. Why did I doubt? Why did my joy get sucked away? I could still think about the "why's" but... God is GOD! He can save & restore a family. He can. He did! We are thankful.

*My husband. For our communication. For our love. For our marriage. For our imperfections that Christ can make into perfections. He's my bestie. For life.

*Fall activities: Homecoming football for Big H and Palos Parade for Princess H

* A Chance to demonstrate my nasty Kung Fu tactics on the insane amount of bees that are out... keep a flip flop handy, "stay away from my baby" and panic ... it's pretty entertaining... 

*Harrison wanting to join choir, and it being an after school activity, giving the littles extra time to nap { It is hard to wake up 2 kids to pick up Big H from school each day! I heart Tuesdays!} His school is awesome & here is a cute Peace Day project from Friday.

* God's timing with my work situation... I was having a hard time being at peace with Hudson's daycare option... then I get an email that I didn't get the full time job... Thank you Lord. I knew You had this!

*My cousin's son came through an intense surgery and  is recovering like a champ!

*Thankful that the Bible Study with my new friends is going well. Week 1's lesson was great. The small group is super friendly and encouraging. I love growing in the Word.

*LEAVES scented 3 wick candle (Bath and Body Works)

*Saying goodbye to Clifford & Saying Hello to a navy sparkly VW Routan

Monday, September 15, 2014


900-Thankful for Hudson Frederick. 18 Months & such a BOY. Loud! Adorable! Lover! High fiver! Active monkey. Trying to talk and talk and talk! Hebert/Hill genes for sure on that one ;)
901-Thankful for dress suits for boys at consignment shops
902- Thankful that Harrison asked to get dressed up in the suit on Sunday, and said, "I'm a real man", when walking into church. Oh sweet boy, it's not the clothes that make you a man! But I loved how grown up & handsome he looked.

903-Thankful that my hubby wanted to watch "moms night out" - not normally his type of movie- but we enjoyed it .... and I love how God moves, because it was on a day that I felt like a total mom failure ~ which Matt knew nothing of! 

904-Thankful for a new Bible Study small group. This is the year I go out of my comfort zone to be real and live to the max, for Christ. It was not easy- looking back to last wednesday- walking into a new church, with 100% of the people strangers, leaving Hudson with a nursery of strangers ( he was LOVING it & I loved the peaceful 90 minutes  kid free ;)) but left encouraged & uplifted & I can't wait for this Wednesday!

905- Thankful for dad son dates.

906- Thankful for christian friends and fellowship

907- Thankful for pumpkin cookies, that were as easy as... open plop and bake.... instant fall smelling house and with some added white chocolate drizzle, they almost look gourmet :)

908- Thankful to be living in a state that has seasons. {Disclaimer, Arizona, I Love you LOTS, and really miss the heat and the endless sunshine, but I am going to embrace Illinois, the gray.. the rain.. and the crisp mornings :)}

909- Thankful to have been a testimony to unsaved friends... dustin's friend left our house and told him "I felt  the love in your house". That's special. That is God at work. 

910- Thankful that Hannah is embracing new foods " Pink Pizza" was a hit... Eggo with sliced berries... really it took me 4 years to figure that one out!? #notacook #bettycrockerwannabe

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Monday, September 8, 2014


Thankful this week...
890- for awesome text chats & creativity inspiration from a bestie in AZ
891- for an interview that went well, and references being checked ... stay tuned :)
892- for meeting Harrison's teacher at Curriculum Night ( glad it was not me doing the presentation - eww hated those each year! Love how she is Miss Technology! They get to tweet at the end of each day!)
893- for getting social media savvy and signing up for Twitter  and Instagram
894- for storms. like rock the house with booming thunder, and cancel football because of lightening ...storms.
895- for the NFL- Boo to the Pats being way off yesterday, but according to the stats, the last time they lost their game day opener in 2003- they went on to be Super Bowl Champs :)
896- for trying a new Indian restaurant
897-  for Hannah's 1st week of preschool

 898- for Hudson saying Hi ( 1st time ever) to a random stranger in Costco
899-for Dustin having his detail guys at work detail our car... it's like new!
900- for buying our tickets to Hawaii.
 ( Here is a small "prayer works" story for encouragement: I have been praying about tickets. They range in price from 700-1,000, times 4, gets kinda nuts. So praying and praying and checking online fares multiple times a day. I was at peace with booking a cheaper flight, planning to stop in Phx to see family during the layover, and then trek to Hawaii from there, making it an entire days travel, but totally excited to see family & to get kids off the plane... the night I went to book those tickets, they were no where to be found, only cheaper non stops were available! I love that God totally provided non stop tickets, at the price we were ok with paying. Now the prayers for being able to keep Hudsie happy for 9 hours en route are needed :) )

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet September Arrives!

I love Fall!!!

Hope you all enjoyed Labor Day and the long weekend :)
Here is Multitude Monday... on Tuesday :)

Thankful this week: That my dear hubby forgot his wallet in my truck. This prompted the littles & I to trek to his work, gym it out there & meet for a very special sushi lunch.

Thankful for fun muddy football practices & Shout laundry spray;)

Thankful for a fun staycation in Schaumburg: 1st Stop Dinner at Medieval Times

 (Above is the artist in progress, here is her rainbow princess face)

Third Stop ( next day- Aquarium & City sites) 
 Thankful for a new delish cupcake spot: Molly's Cupcakes on Clark Street ( AMAZING!) Like. Seriously.

Thankful for a good paced run, to burn off the fore mentioned deliciousness ;)