Monday, September 29, 2014

Multitude Monday 920-930

920-Thankful this week for a wonderful bible conference weekend

921-Thankful to see our kids running around the conference with a bunch of christian friends.
{quite possibly my highlight, as I am seeing what kinds of :friends: are out there... and pray each day they are preserved.}

922-Thankful for delish food that gets cooked just once a year for conference :) My mom is Miss Betty Crocker and breakfasts & sweets are my downfall, and I fell. Hard. YUM.
923-Thankful for meeting a sweet lady, graveside. She was also watering flowers at a grave, and she said she loved my dad's grave and had stopped to read the verse. Please pray that she would wonder more about the verse and the Bible, and if she isn't on her way to Heaven, that this grave, could show her the way.

924- Thankful for this cutie & his love for all things "manly"- swords, brooms, umbrellas and bats :)
925-Thankful for Kiersten's Danish Bakery in Burr Ridge.
926- Thankful to see a graduation at Pacific Garden Mission #weareblessed #don'ttakethingsforgranted
927- Thankful for The Best Yes book & time to read each morning, while sipping Pumpkin Spice Dunkin (Keurig cups are on sale, at Dunkin, 6.99 for a box)
928- Thankful for new running shoes
929- Thankful for encouraging, deep conversations
930- Thankful for MNF: GO PATS!!


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