Monday, September 8, 2014


Thankful this week...
890- for awesome text chats & creativity inspiration from a bestie in AZ
891- for an interview that went well, and references being checked ... stay tuned :)
892- for meeting Harrison's teacher at Curriculum Night ( glad it was not me doing the presentation - eww hated those each year! Love how she is Miss Technology! They get to tweet at the end of each day!)
893- for getting social media savvy and signing up for Twitter  and Instagram
894- for storms. like rock the house with booming thunder, and cancel football because of lightening ...storms.
895- for the NFL- Boo to the Pats being way off yesterday, but according to the stats, the last time they lost their game day opener in 2003- they went on to be Super Bowl Champs :)
896- for trying a new Indian restaurant
897-  for Hannah's 1st week of preschool

 898- for Hudson saying Hi ( 1st time ever) to a random stranger in Costco
899-for Dustin having his detail guys at work detail our car... it's like new!
900- for buying our tickets to Hawaii.
 ( Here is a small "prayer works" story for encouragement: I have been praying about tickets. They range in price from 700-1,000, times 4, gets kinda nuts. So praying and praying and checking online fares multiple times a day. I was at peace with booking a cheaper flight, planning to stop in Phx to see family during the layover, and then trek to Hawaii from there, making it an entire days travel, but totally excited to see family & to get kids off the plane... the night I went to book those tickets, they were no where to be found, only cheaper non stops were available! I love that God totally provided non stop tickets, at the price we were ok with paying. Now the prayers for being able to keep Hudsie happy for 9 hours en route are needed :) )

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