Monday, September 22, 2014

Multitude Monday

Today I am thankful for

*My brother celebrating being with our family for a year; sober & saved. Seriously, my blog post should end here. Enough said. You, my reader, I am sure were a prayer warrior for him and for us, and I am giving you a massive E Hug right now. Thank you. May this be an encouragement - that no one is ever too far away from God- even though the storm is real. The waves are high. The boat seems like it has sunk. To the bottom. The very very very bottom. O ye of little faith. God was there our whole time. Why did I doubt? Why did my joy get sucked away? I could still think about the "why's" but... God is GOD! He can save & restore a family. He can. He did! We are thankful.

*My husband. For our communication. For our love. For our marriage. For our imperfections that Christ can make into perfections. He's my bestie. For life.

*Fall activities: Homecoming football for Big H and Palos Parade for Princess H

* A Chance to demonstrate my nasty Kung Fu tactics on the insane amount of bees that are out... keep a flip flop handy, "stay away from my baby" and panic ... it's pretty entertaining... 

*Harrison wanting to join choir, and it being an after school activity, giving the littles extra time to nap { It is hard to wake up 2 kids to pick up Big H from school each day! I heart Tuesdays!} His school is awesome & here is a cute Peace Day project from Friday.

* God's timing with my work situation... I was having a hard time being at peace with Hudson's daycare option... then I get an email that I didn't get the full time job... Thank you Lord. I knew You had this!

*My cousin's son came through an intense surgery and  is recovering like a champ!

*Thankful that the Bible Study with my new friends is going well. Week 1's lesson was great. The small group is super friendly and encouraging. I love growing in the Word.

*LEAVES scented 3 wick candle (Bath and Body Works)

*Saying goodbye to Clifford & Saying Hello to a navy sparkly VW Routan

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