Monday, December 21, 2015

Florida Fun!

Thankful this week for....

Gingerbread Day!
Thankful for this day for so many reasons. One is for the pure joy that these kids had during this project. They might have had a little sugar rush for most of the morning...but on Friday before break... we just embrace it and smile... Some of these kids couldn't bring in any frosting or candy, and others had never made these houses before, and my heart just beamed that I could  involve them in something so fun and festive.

 That sweet girl in purple never smiles... so seeing that HUGE grin.. made me smile even bigger ... 

 This silly boy in the striped sweater, not only needs prayer, but needs hugs, love & consistency. His aggression and anger is too much many of the moments in our class, like way too much....but during these hands on activities, he is an angel... now to make all our days this much fun?! Hmm...

 I love when parents come in to help!

Thankful for fun gingerbread STEM activities: making LEGO bridges, and hopefully they were constructed correctly so that their cookie did not get wet :) 

Thankful for Matt's awesome company that shared Chicago Metallic and Hershey baking pans with him months ago.. at that time I was dreading the new stuff .. with an itty bitty kitchen, an abundance of baking goods created a sense of panic.. sad but true.. but thankfully we figured it out & stored them creatively. And now, when it's cookie baking time... I was thrilled!! Yay :) 

Thankful to have crammed our 2 weeks worth of STUFF into this.... disclaimer- we did take a food bag, and each kiddo got their electronic device bag, and stroller... less bags = less stressed daddy... and although that term "happy wife happy life" is very true ;)... there needs to be one about dads too... his motto is less is more, and the not too jammed trunk- made him very happy.. but a major mom fail was when I left his bible bag, with both our bibles & printables... by Hudson's charging iPad... sigh... can not even believe I forgot all that stuff.... man...thankful for Amazon's 2 day shipping & cheap bible prices. 

 Thankful for a sense of organization... this road trip we got the big H's ipad minis, and then realized they fit in lunchboxes!! So they got lunchboxes to house their gear...headphones,ipads & chargers: always together in one spot. This type of genius parenting is new to me ;) but wow, it's awesome to be organized finally!

Thankful for manis and pedis with this girl. XO

Thankful for safety as we traveled... something that we did not take for granted, especially with the many staties we saw with people pulled over ... We spread the trip out for 2 nights, and 3 days. We began Friday after work and drove til Louisville. Next night we drove to Macon, Georgia & then Sunday we drove to Kissimee. We ventured into the unknown, which is new to both of us as far as our hotel... We always have stayed at my dad's condo in St Pete for all our FL journeys, but this year we didn't. The hotel we booked is 1 mile from Disney, and close to many attractions which is ideal and the pool was empty today! Although we miss the space of the condo, and all the friends that would make our pool time so much more enjoyable, it is nice to do our own thing for the 1st time in forever ;)  We leave Sunday for a resort on the Gulf side, because we need some beach time! The resort looks amazing & I can not wait to experience another new place & hit up our old time fave Crabby Bills. 

Thankful for happy travelers. Something we also don't take for granted, and SO thankful that Hudson did not grace us with his puking self this trip!

Thankful for our kids being awesome sleepers in the car & in the hotel. 

Thankful for beginning our week off with a bang! Gatorland was tops on the kid's list, and it was a perfect day for it. And this mom got chosen to hold the python! Even with a kid on my lap and avoiding eye contact- it didn't work, I got picked & I live to tell about it, but look at the guy next to me! He seriously screamed like a girl & wouldn't touch it! We ended day 1 at Celebration FL, and watched the soap snow come down, after a delish sushi feast. Day 1. Done. Fun. 
Ready for Disney manana!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

10 days!!

Happy 10 days until Christmas!!

Thankful this week for ... grace... for God's grace... for other's grace... for my kids having grace with me. Matthew West's Song "Grace Wins" is my new fave!

"No more lying down in death's defeat
Now I'm rising up in victory
Singing hallelujah
Grace wins every time

For the prodigal son, grace wins
For the woman at the well, grace wins
For the blind man and the beggar, grace wins
For always and forever, grace wins
For the lost out on the street, grace wins
For the worst part of you and me, grace wins
For the thief on the cross, grace wins
For a world that it lost

There's a war between guilt and grace
And they're fighting for a sacred space
But I'm living proof
Grace wins every time"


Thankful for my school. I love the people here. L.O.V.E.
Example: last night was an 8th grade parent meeting to talk about fundraising for their Atlanta trip in May. The 8th grade lead teacher who is a believer, and quite an amazing lady, shared today how God provided for 15, $250 scholarships!!! Like really!?! That is THE best way to start our day! How awesome right? Right here, in the midst of hard hearts and police protests and broken families... God's powerful light shines... Her students had to write an essay, and unbeknownst to them, she shared them with people who could fund partial payments of their $660 trip. Their parents were blown away. The students were blown away. And the best part? She was able to tell the entire crowd of 30+ that it was from God & how she knew God is faithful and would provide for all her students... there are 15 more students to go, but she knows  those kiddos will be partially funded too.

Thankful for our new speech therapist- recommended by friends- she rearranges her schedule and drives out of her normal zone, to come help Hudson. Hudson enjoys her & we are praying that his love of babbling continues into more age appropriate sentences :)

Thankful that the Pats stopped their losing streak on Sunday ;)

Thankful for my hubby's selfless heart. I love his willingness to spend all of Hudson's nap time planning our supper! {That was NOT how I spent Hudson's naptime... oops!!} Look at this spread! {The meat is pork, in a special southern bourbon sauce wrapped in Bacon}

Thankful for new music... we are now completely obsessed with BYU's Vocal Point  group and their song "Nearer My God to Thee". Click here. It is heavenly.

Thankful for Secret Santa week at work- love love love this time of year & love that I found out how to make origami cash trees!! {For those awesome totally indecisive people... bah humbug lol Yeah the ones who put NOTHING on their Secret Santa lists, except "Merry Christmas" and "Its better to give than to receive"}.... Mine... as you can only guess was VERY Specific :) And maybe all about Dunkin and colorful markers ;)

Thankful to have listened to Dr. Ian Paisley's message "To Live is Christ" from Sermon Audio. If you can get past the very strong accent ;), It is a life changer. One quote I am trying to take to heart "not to be a 1/2 time Christian, be a full time Christian"

Thankful to have met Harrison's friend and his mom. Although my initial reply to many of our kid's requests for playdates is "sometime, but not now", we committed to hosting not only a dinner but a sleepover{gasp!} & gingerbread house time. And yes I survived. Yes -my entire routine was thrown off Sunday morning, but it's all good and I'm alive to tell about it ;) And the sweet boy came to church with us, and although he said "it was boring", he listened really well during the whole 1st service.

Thankful for another fun trumpet performance... more than our own kiddos playing, times like this open the floodgates of our own childhood performances, and Matt played clarinet, I played drums, cello and sang, and each holiday show I knew in the audience my parents and grandparents were always smiling and watching. Matt's too. Heartwarming memories of family time is what it's all about. XO

Monday, December 7, 2015

Merry Musings

Christ's Calling
Matthew 4:19-20
We love Wisdom Hunter's daily emails... and they seem to bring peace when we doubt... and this one... about Matthew 4:19-20, and the call to follow Christ, gave us much peace...

Thankful for the sparkle and cheer that white Christmas lights bring

 Thankful that many miles away, Panera donates their leftovers to a Mission in Boston. Thankful that my uncle is a faithful food picker upper each Sunday night & thankful that Matt got in on the action this week.
 Thankful for friends who read my blog aka Miss Buck :) and for her love shown out in a very real and needed way.. school supplies for my class!!! If you guys only knew that we literally have like 2-4 glue sticks left at this moment... no bueno... the glue stick policing is VERY real in Room 108 ;) "A little dab will do ya" and "Hey really!?" are a couple common phrases on every single cut and glue activity.. maybe after the 100th day ( we are on day 55), the kids will get it ;)

 Thankful for three active, matching, healthy, goofball elves that finally posed, for a quick pic

So thankful to have been invited to attend a Live Nativity... never had been to one before and was blown away. Like literally...  seeing the scenes acted out - brings scripture to life and really helps you envision what it was like over 2000 years ago - it was just amazing. Even more amazing was the attentiveness of all our kids! It paved the way for some great convos on the way to supper :)

 Thankful that while Matt was at the REAL Rockefeller Tree... we were enjoying our movie and the fake Rockefeller tree ;)

 Snuggle selfie!

 Thankful that Matt got to enjoy a little NYC and Boston get away this weekend 

 Thankful for Target retail therapy sessions :)

Thankful for my awesome assistant principal who organized an incentive field trip for 4 classes in our school & thankful that my class was one of the 4 that was invited! 
{Although the improv was way over my sweet babies heads, it was hysterical for me, and it was fun to get out!}

Thankful for friends at work who trash talk me when the Pats lost...this cracked me up when I saw it and I left it up all week to crack up each time I came to my door... these people are nuts and make work so much fun :)  thankful that I have tomorrow off to be at home with my munchkins, so that I don't get even more harassment after their PATHETIC loss to Philly!!!!

Thank you @swtblessshan for your continued sharing of your scripture writing plan! 

Thankful for friends who think of endless ways to help and sacrifice time, energy and money & yes dark roast iced coffee is calling my name ALL day ! One.more.sleep..{And it's only been a total of 4 sleeps away but that's too much! We miss our main guy!}. Much love to you Anne!! XO
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