Monday, December 7, 2015

Merry Musings

Christ's Calling
Matthew 4:19-20
We love Wisdom Hunter's daily emails... and they seem to bring peace when we doubt... and this one... about Matthew 4:19-20, and the call to follow Christ, gave us much peace...

Thankful for the sparkle and cheer that white Christmas lights bring

 Thankful that many miles away, Panera donates their leftovers to a Mission in Boston. Thankful that my uncle is a faithful food picker upper each Sunday night & thankful that Matt got in on the action this week.
 Thankful for friends who read my blog aka Miss Buck :) and for her love shown out in a very real and needed way.. school supplies for my class!!! If you guys only knew that we literally have like 2-4 glue sticks left at this moment... no bueno... the glue stick policing is VERY real in Room 108 ;) "A little dab will do ya" and "Hey really!?" are a couple common phrases on every single cut and glue activity.. maybe after the 100th day ( we are on day 55), the kids will get it ;)

 Thankful for three active, matching, healthy, goofball elves that finally posed, for a quick pic

So thankful to have been invited to attend a Live Nativity... never had been to one before and was blown away. Like literally...  seeing the scenes acted out - brings scripture to life and really helps you envision what it was like over 2000 years ago - it was just amazing. Even more amazing was the attentiveness of all our kids! It paved the way for some great convos on the way to supper :)

 Thankful that while Matt was at the REAL Rockefeller Tree... we were enjoying our movie and the fake Rockefeller tree ;)

 Snuggle selfie!

 Thankful that Matt got to enjoy a little NYC and Boston get away this weekend 

 Thankful for Target retail therapy sessions :)

Thankful for my awesome assistant principal who organized an incentive field trip for 4 classes in our school & thankful that my class was one of the 4 that was invited! 
{Although the improv was way over my sweet babies heads, it was hysterical for me, and it was fun to get out!}

Thankful for friends at work who trash talk me when the Pats lost...this cracked me up when I saw it and I left it up all week to crack up each time I came to my door... these people are nuts and make work so much fun :)  thankful that I have tomorrow off to be at home with my munchkins, so that I don't get even more harassment after their PATHETIC loss to Philly!!!!

Thank you @swtblessshan for your continued sharing of your scripture writing plan! 

Thankful for friends who think of endless ways to help and sacrifice time, energy and money & yes dark roast iced coffee is calling my name ALL day ! One.more.sleep..{And it's only been a total of 4 sleeps away but that's too much! We miss our main guy!}. Much love to you Anne!! XO
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  1. It's never easy having your other half gone, no matter how long! Glad you had some extra coffee to get you through. :) Are you so ready for FL or what?!

    1. Agree!!
      YES girl!! Bring on that salt water, sandy beaches and no alarm clock :)