Monday, May 26, 2014


Happy Memorial Day!

730- Today I am thankful for salvation & a hope after death. This thankfulness is always in my heart but especially true after hearing of a loved one's sudden passing. It is completely unreal and our hearts ache for their family, but she is done with the cares and trials of Earth...she is in Heaven, at peace, at rest, in bliss... oh let your mind wander, and be excited for our reunion with our Heavenly Father!

The Coming of the Lord-13 But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, about those who are asleep, that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. 14 For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep. I Thessalonians 4:12-14 ESV Bible

731- Thankful that Hannah is healthy. 3 Memorial day's ago, we were at PCH in the ER trying to discover what was plaguing her near life less body.

732- Thankful for amazing, encouraging friends
733- Thankful for a friend filled weekend with  grad party, hymn sing & BBQ.... way to kick off the official start to summer, although school is still in session - so this may be the unofficial start to summer ;) If we were in AZ, our schooling would be finito!!! Butttttt.... we arent :)

734- Chicago. We love this city!! I love that Hannah knows the skyline, as soon as we spot it on the highway, she's like THE CITY! Yay for her love of all things hustle and bustle-y like mama ;)
We ate at Eataly on Saturday... super fun gourmet Italian food- not kid friendly, but we made it work :)

735- Thankful for a random park morning... Hannah met a couple new friends, and I met a couple new moms. So fun!

736- Thankful for family outings... Harrison's dream date of fishing came true today. We thanked the Lord that he allowed Harrison to catch 7 fish in literally 10 minutes.  In those 10 minutes, the shrieks from Hannah were many. Worms and fish are apparently quite scary!? ;) We came, we fished, we gutted (the fish), we left in 30 minutes. We all were V.E.R.Y happy :) Harrison was in awe that I actually touched a fish... and almost kissed him... NOT ;)


737- Thankful for Dustin's cleaning skills :) It was awesome to come home to a fully vacuumed & swiffer-ed house before our hymn sing
738-Thankful for teens who are living for God

739- Thankful for Hannah's friend Raegan
740- Thankful for Memorial Day, and the time to formally remember those who have fought for our freedom. So so thankful for their sacrifice for our freedom.

There is greater freedom even than country freedom- freedom from sins! Love the verse that our 1st VBS in AZ was centered around- If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed!

Enjoy the USA and our amazing freedoms
Enjoy Christ's freedom too!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Multitude Monday Strikes Again!

Thankful this week....
*That my mom arrived home safely after another road trip to FL

*that my father in law selflessly gave up his day off to pack a trailer full of our AZ belongings

*that our friend from AZ is driving that trailer to us...this week!!!!! Seriously, so so selfless- he is a dad and hubby, and is so thoughtful to take time away from family to help us. Awesome life lessons learned through others. I love our family & friends!

*that Harrison was a testimony to his baseball team last night... normally no Sunday games, but since our awesome gross weather rained out Thursday's game, the make up was yesterday afternoon. Matt was preaching, so he didn't come to any of it... my mom and I had the kids, and we watched the first 4 innings... Harrison's coach told me already that it was no biggie to miss because God comes 1st. Then one of the kids in the dug out said that "God is most important"- when Harrison told him why he was leaving early, and the side line coach agreed and smiled & said "that's right, God comes 1st". Wow. Such a wonderful group of people.

*that this is my 1st official school free week! My capstone paper was turned in last Wednesday, and so today is Monday, normally homework is due, and I can delete GCU from my favorites :) WAHOO! :)
**Disclaimer- I really enjoyed my educational journey, and I HIGHLY recommend GCU's online program to ANYONE, but the last class was brutal, especially since I already walked in the graduation ceremony so my momentum was zapped & the professor was SUPER HARD CORE!!**

*that my dad's awesome cousin whipped up 3 beyond delish fruit cheese braid bread thingies- think homemade breakfast danish - then times that by a million- soo moist & fresh & gooey!!

*that I have more time to do random acts of kindness. I found a cool DIY page for painting a plate, and then filling  that plate with goodies, and asking them to repeat and pass it on... yay for Dollar Store plates, Michael's Coupons & time :)

*that our kids love each other, they really do, although it does appear questionable sometimes. Listening to them discuss their dreams & nightmares from last night, over cereal this morning was beautiful. Hannah's admiration for Harrison is so sweet to see. Her blue eyes were very big and focused on his story about the lizard that turned into a dog, that chased Hannah, but of course Harrison fought the dog -lizard off, and rescued Hannah. Imagination & love combined.

 Harrison & his bestie, Ethan

 The Class ( she has 17 students, seriously so so lucky :)) And isn't she adorable?! Such a fun 3rd grade experience!!
* for a fun, yet rainy field trip with my Big H... I love seeing how he interacts with his friends. I loved the trolley ride and the guide's explanations of everything, prob more than the kids, but the best part was Harrison's buddy. His teacher assigned him to a kid in the class, that was not Harrison's favorite pal, to put it nicely ;). Harrison's face told me that when I saw him. But no time for that, have to love and move on. So he did. It took a little while- but they had fun on the bus together. I love pulling info out of people ... and I did :) The buddy seemed to have a rough home life. Broke my heart. He is raised by Grandma, mom and dad work full time, every day- even weekends. He is the oldest of 3 kids, and it did not sound like he thought highly of his siblings :( He kept asking if he could come over, or come show us how to fish, or come play etc. Then out of the blue, verbatim, he says " My mom is not an active mom, she works all the time". Heart broken in half. I told him that she IS an active mom and she needs to work etc etc etc ... but then the light bulb moment for Harrison after school- the kids who need love the most are the hardest to love- but oh how that buddy needs love! He lacks social skills, he is very in your face, has no idea about "personal bubbles", and is very touchy feeling and very inappropriate with what he talks about. Scary that our kids are with kids like that- but moving past that- he does not know any one takes the time to be that example of what "normal" looks like.. so pray for Harrison to be a good friend, even to the most annoying kids... our hearts are full of love and thankfulness because that was us- but God showed us His love, even when we were most unlovable... crazy the REAL life chances to show love... look around you too, I know there are those that need love more than anything, and you can be that listening ear, that hug, that smile... sometimes it only takes a smile... 

*that our worship yesterday was literally in Heaven. Amazing how someone else's heartache & trials, can make their worship so so real and emotional. It showed us our friend ( who prayed) his direct link with God. Some people can pray and it sounds robotic and mechanical- "vain repetitions"- but yesterday - the best part were in the silent moments. His heart was poured out. Our hearts poured out as he literally was just talking to his Heavenly Father. Such beauty in the simple times with God.  The distractions were gone & Heaven filled our gathering. Matt & I have never had that experience publicly, ever, and we are thankful so thankful for yesterday's morning.

Another week is here, one week+ left of May! Make it awesome :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Climb

Yesterday I got my 1st In Touch Magazine in the mail ( thanks to my awesome mother in law).
Today I read one article about The Climb. It totally applied to our life right now & I wanted to share & hopefully encourage others.

Monday was my interview- which I felt super awesome about- had such a blast with & felt that God gave help with the answers...
Tuesday Matt goes to Pacific Garden Mission ( Two guys from there wanted a ride to our church in the 'burbs Sunday, so Matt & Dustin drove and got them, they ate Mothers Day feast with us, and were driven back down before 3pm or their stuff would be gone!) One of those guys found him on Tuesday night and asked to come again Sunday. Wow. After the service there, Lemont, came up to Matt and after a little discussion, he realized Christ died for him! Wow.
Wednesday morning I get an email indicating no Abu Dhabi

At first I was like "Really?! Are they nuts?!" Buut then as I thought about last night's events- I see it. The Climb. The Climb that Charles Stanley writes about - "Abundant life comes only to those who move out of their comfort zone to climb higher with God. Is He leading you to surrender something you want to control?" Yes! I wanted to be the one to control the job situation! It felt like a great opportunity - great perks- great location- too good to be true, except the down side that Matt might have had to  travel with 3 kids solo for 14+ hours as visa issues could be a prob & re-acclimating to Western culture after the 2 yr contract could be interesting/hard??-  but why are we leaving a place where God has shown us time and time again that THIS is His place for us? "Climbing with God always stretches our faith" So right now, as we have less than 20 school days left for Harrison, we are stretched. We looked at a house last night, in the Palos School boundary area that looked adorable outside but was DISGUSTING inside :( The basement was so low I would duck the entire time & that's where 2 bedrooms are... so sad! That is THE only house for rent in this district... homes for sale range from 430,000+. Yeah. So.... we are stretched and praying & excited to keep "climbing higher", because "traveling with God is the most valuable pursuit in this life". 

(In Touch Ministries, June 2014)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mulitude Monday 710-720 {Photo Overload}

Thankful this week for................
710- An awesome awesome 3 day visit with Memere & Gracie. Memere will most definitely  need a spa week or something to recoup from being Super Grandma her w.h.o.l.e visit!

711- During her visit, I was able to escape and get appointments & shopping done!

712- Loved seeing Gracie's expressions and total Hebert personality. She is so petite but SO full of life. Her and Hannah are peas in a pod... full of love most of the time but when that sassy switch flips- watch out world ;)

713- Chuck E Cheese- this place stays as cool now as it was when I was a kid- but seems safer with these smart child safe stamps and gate keeper lady ...Harrison was like Mom why are you using all my tokens- OOPS ;) I too love tickets and games equally as much. The basketball game is this mama's fave :)

714- Encouragement:
(This comes from Wisdom Hunters)"Therefore moms, seek Jesus with a humble heart on behalf of your children. Ask the Lord to educate your child in lessons of becoming the least, so He can use them the most. God blesses your beautiful example of serving others to teach and motivate your sons and daughters to serve others. A servant of Christ is the greatest position in God’s Kingdom. So mom, ask the Lord in prayer for your little ones to grow in joyful obedience to Him. Yes, suffering may precede your child’s success. What man manipulates does not last, but what God initiates is eternally blessed. "

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him” (1 Samuel 1:27).

715- the Zoo!

716- Green....Spring has totally sprung and I never knew how red and brown Arizona truly was, until I look around as we drive home into the Forest Preserve area, and all the leaves are budding and things are growing, and all shades of green. It's so pretty.

717- Fun friends to share Mother's day lunch with & pretty awesome hubby/brother chef team who whipped up some delish desserts.... Costco style ;)

718-Lifetime's Challenge is over... I am not leaving weigh out with the 10,000 bucks, as the Grand Prize Winner, but I am happy with the progress and excited to continue for many more months ;) ( just as a side note- I talked to the winner of the Fall Challenge, and she lost 60 pounds in 90 days... I asked her her tricks ( which I knew- noo magic just good food and good workouts- but such a boring answer lol) but wanted to hear them from her... she fasts every day until 2pm ( WHAAATT?!) and she hits the gym 6 days a week, twice each day 2-3 hrs each time ( that totals 6 hrs a DAY for 6 days!). She has no coffee ( BOO) and her food eating seemed cleaner than clean ( Wow, nope- I soooo did not want it THAT bad, but maybe someday!? ;))

719- Nathan Corduan... Harrison had a major research project about the United Center, one way to display what he learned was with an ivideo- who better to help.... Nathan! Thankful for his time & promptness. It turned out perfectly :)

720- interview done! What a fun morning! The interview was via Skype, but at the W Hotel downtown Chicago. I was one of 2 chicago-ans, the rest flew in from all over to attend the interview. Mia & I hit it off right away- which turned kinda loud, and attracted a few others to join our convo, pretty soon the whole room was a buzz, and we all left as BFF's! So cool :)  Stay tuned to see if God opens the door to... Abu Dhabi! Should find out by Friday :)