Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Merry 2016

Thankful that we made it safely to Seaview on Christmas Eve afternoon, and were able to get some sun and fun in right away ....
Love being by so many friends and their families!

Christmas Eve supper out at Texas Roadhouse .. the staff was all dressed in super festive attire... they had the best customer service and we were thrilllllled to eat some :real: food after a couple nights with fast food!

Merry Merry 2016!! Christmas Sunday!
Cold Brew and our tradition of Orange Cinnamon Rolls 

 PJs and Wrestling!


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twas the week before Christmas break....

Thankful that the week before break (12/19-12/22) had us going on trips...spending time together and packing up our living and dining room as we are saying bye bye to carpet ( nasty after 1 year!!) and hello to hardwood while we're away!!! Can not even wait to see it once we're home!!

Monday I went to the Science Museum with my class

Tuesday I took off and chaperoned 11 kiddos in Harrison's class to the Field Museum, which was a blast! His friends are a trip & we both had never visited that Museum, so it was great!!

Wednesday was PJ Polar Express Day, but since I was gone Tuesday and the sub didn't remind them and the endless reminders via newsletters go unheeded... we only had 9 PJ friends, but the hot chocolate was on tap all day, and smelled Room 108 up super yummy!!

Thursday was Gingerbread Day... I embraced the simplicity of using milk cartons to be the foundation of the houses, instead of assembling them all ahead of time for the kiddos.... it was amazing how easy this day was since I had the kids do everything! 

Last minute nail date! We needed to welcome flip flop feet with a fresh pedi, and so glad to have some one on one with this chica.

Thursday night departure! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


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This week was hard.
With Betty's wake, Betty's funeral, the news of dear Lauren passing, it just seemed like too much. Then to add to the intense emotionally challenging week, we could not kick the germs out of the Hebert house. I am super unemotional about sickness, as it comes, it goes, move on, no coddling here .... but with a very feverish Hannah all night Friday, which thwarted our Friday night outing, as pickle puke is not the best perfume..... so after a cozy snuggly Friday night, the boys were healthy, but Hannah's temp kept increasing. Our hot date was Matt and I switching her cool towels every hour through the night.... amazing right? Lol... oh boy!! Then Saturday came... Hannah is still hot, and my prayers for a normal Saturday which would have ended with Matt's PGM Christmas party ( which we were literally looking forward to ALL month!!) were not answered... we knew that there was a greater purpose... although nothing really came like a great light of what that greater purpose was... except for the endless snuggles and love that we shared all day...and for those snuggles and simple joys... we are very thankful for...
We were also very thankful that we have grown to love our fast and reliable, always open Urgent Care a few miles away- normally we are the only ones there, so we get seen and out really quick...
Urgent Care rescued Hannah.. her temp had reached 103.5.... the Doc got meds in her right there.. which was embarrassing as Hannah has a medicine phobia, and I think it's real, not just a defiant fit... but at that point with Chest xrays done, pneumonia determined, fever high, it was an IV or a simple 5ML sip... and that simple sip took an hour... but she did do it and her fever dropped 1.5 degrees!!

With at home breathing treatments every 4 hours and her amazing antibiotic,.,. she literally did a 360, and we are so so so thankful... the memories of her  9 day hospital stint at 10 months will never be forgotten, and so we prayed over this dear girl, as did our friends, and the Lord heard... and we are thankful.

Thankful for Walmart having these K cups on random 1.00 clearance!! 16 cups of delish hazelnut java for a BUCK!? Thank you Lord! (And yes, I brought a Keurig to my classroom :)) 
 Thankful for our friend Dustin that goes to support Matt at PGM during the week... winter crowds are getting big! These frigid temps make for full nights! Pray for Salvation ... in the hundreds!!

Thankful that the three of us could pose together... we havent all been together since my wedding!!

Thankful for the beautiful mornings that we see as we drive to work

 Thankful for PGM blessing my students for week number 2! Every girl got a new coat, and every student got a hat and glove set :) :) :) :) These little pumpkins know 1 thing... Mrs Hebert loves them even when they are nutso, talk entirely way too much and way to loud, hang on me, touch my hair all day to make sure it's real, leave my playdough out so it gets dry and crusty (sob face),  cough in my face, and come in at 10am each day.... sigh..... I love them but way more important...God loves them and I will try to show that to them... they need to see more love in this crazy world.. and beyond thankful for Matt's work answering our prayers for this community.... HUGE BLESSING...

{Look closely in the back- see Target and Dunkin signs ;), when they are counting money during their Math station, they can pretend they're at the best stores on earth ;)}
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 Thankful for adorable pre-colored hair Troll cookies!! Just bake and add faces!!
And here lays our princess....

  The kind nurse gave her Papa Smurf :)
 How cute is this fishy nebulizer?! So thankful that they make cute devices for kids!
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 Thankful for the best nanny who surprised us with Christmas gifts on Monday morning! She knew we needed lots of Dunkin to help us this week :)