Wednesday, December 28, 2016

twas the week before Christmas break....

Thankful that the week before break (12/19-12/22) had us going on trips...spending time together and packing up our living and dining room as we are saying bye bye to carpet ( nasty after 1 year!!) and hello to hardwood while we're away!!! Can not even wait to see it once we're home!!

Monday I went to the Science Museum with my class

Tuesday I took off and chaperoned 11 kiddos in Harrison's class to the Field Museum, which was a blast! His friends are a trip & we both had never visited that Museum, so it was great!!

Wednesday was PJ Polar Express Day, but since I was gone Tuesday and the sub didn't remind them and the endless reminders via newsletters go unheeded... we only had 9 PJ friends, but the hot chocolate was on tap all day, and smelled Room 108 up super yummy!!

Thursday was Gingerbread Day... I embraced the simplicity of using milk cartons to be the foundation of the houses, instead of assembling them all ahead of time for the kiddos.... it was amazing how easy this day was since I had the kids do everything! 

Last minute nail date! We needed to welcome flip flop feet with a fresh pedi, and so glad to have some one on one with this chica.

Thursday night departure! 

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