Monday, December 5, 2016


Ok so I began this post once I got to work today... but need to come back to the top and document a huge answer to prayer that happened in 15 minutes!!
We have to drive separate a few days this week as we have meetings at our Hall each night and Matt can bring a van from work etc, so he will stay at work all day til meeting basically and I need to get our kiddos, soooo here we are, Monday morning... I got to work... a couple minutes later Matt calls and said he's on the side of the road with a flat.. now we were just rejoicing that we took the time Friday to fix the coolant issue in our car so that we have heat :) Now a flat!? What!? We also know to be on high alert this week as Satan will try to seek and destroy our testimony during this week... soooo Progressive to the rescue as we have Road Side...(but the cha ching sounds are sounding in my brain, new tire, maybe new rim etc etc)
 then a few minutes later Matt texts that IDOT has a free service that they use and came faster than Progressive, replaced our flat with a brand new spare that we had!?! We had NO clue it was brand new?! And now that one rim looks brand new and is SICK, and no one hit our car (which doesn't have 4 ways!!). 
The blessings... the preservation.. the fact that it was Matt driving and not me ( I would have freaked out!!), the fact that the car had heat!! as you know Matt never wears a coat!...
seriously all heavenly hugs and just made us both teary eyed as we begin this week & seems like God is just saying- I have it all - even the tire issues... I got you... 
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(Back to the original post ;))

Thankful this week that our student have a playground to use each day! The 20 minute outdoor time that our kids enjoy WITH amazing equipment does SO much for them!! Our Math afternoons seem to have gotten easier behaviorally! Praise the Lord!

(Ribbon Cutting Ceremony)

                                                                    (Our 1st Recess!)

                                                   Thankful for the bond that these 2 have

Thankful for the best Dollar Tree score ever! Not only are these educationally sound, they are DELISH, and not only are my student eating them up ( literally ;)), Hudson loves learning his letters this way too! 
Thankful for fun Christmas manipulatives for Math Centers!
 Thankful for a healthy, fruity Food Friday!
 Thankful that Hannah is my mini me. Her love of all things holiday is SO FUN! Thankful also that Matt was able to take Harrison to the gym, because no way would those big boys have waited in the Secret Santa line ;) Hannah and her helper.  They went into the Secret Santa shop, no parents allowed, and then 20 minutes later her 20 bucks was gone :) Her heart was overflowing when she got to put the presents in our stockings :) So much fun.

Thankful for cute poses by the car wash christmas tree :)
 Thankful that my mom is so diligent on ordering the wreath for my dad's grave.
 Thankful for fun pool parties!

Thankful that we went to church with Dusty & Mila, and were totally encouraged by the sermon. Loved everything about the service at Parkview and the child care... these people know how to run a FUN, creative, engaging child care! It was a mini city. Adorable and soooo nice to sit kid free for an hour! 
And SO nice to sit with Dusty and Mila during the very touching sermon. This is Mila's 1st Christmas without her dad, and the message was beyond timely. It was also so amazing how God worked out their day to be such that they were free for the 5pm service as they always work on Saturdays. Love each detail that God cares about! Such a glorious unfolding!!

 Thankful that PGM blessed us with 2 vehicles for Matt to use to bring guys to gospel meetings!
Praying his Christmas Carol series is a blessing to us all!

 Thankful that angels bubble wrapped my van, as I had committed to getting some of my kiddos for Gene's meetings and Sunday school... but it was crazy snowy!?! And I really wanted to bail- but when I was confirming every parent said yes!? So I had to be strong and stay committed....I am SUCH a weather wimp!!  The Lord knew I needed His help and I think that's what He was reminding me as I drove... and these kids were super well behaved at church... in the car a slightly different story ;)
 Thankful that the Hall blessed us with 12 pizzas after meeting!

(The guys pictured here would be believers, who stay in the Bible Program at PGM, and are working towards GEDs and other studies, for an entire year! They are a fun, respectful, lively group, and it was so encouraging to see them. It makes me appreciate Matt's job even more, seeing the impact it's having on some of these guys and now connecting faces and names!
Just for a random example- Matt loves Ping Pong, so do many of these guys- but their table was PATHETIC and paddles were broke etc- so Matt was able to get funding for a sick table and sick paddles, and the joy these older guys- some are 60+!- to just have the fun of ping pong amidst their stay at PGM, is SOO beautiful!!!

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