Monday, November 28, 2016

Thankful 2016

Thankful to reflect upon last week and just be in awe of what the Lord has done in our lives and be thankful for all his goodness... which some days I don't take as good... but we know everything He sends our way is for our good :)

Last week began with a field trip to Shedd Aquarium.

These were my 4 angels. 

The whole posse! 

Thankful that last spring, I took my dad's cousin up on his offer to snag a freebie rubber maid tub of white lights... finally when we busted out our Christmas decor, we got to hang lots of pretty lights!

Thankful that we had Wednesday off of work and school, although Matt had to work, love his 3pm finish time!!, and this free day was super productive ( and went WAY too fast ;))
 Thankful for Hannah being totally obsessed with decorating, and thankful that I had the self control to not touch any of the ornaments once she hung them :) It's okay if 1/2 the tree is bald right!? ;) 

Super duper thankful for the peace we found in just doing our own thang for the holidays. 
Seriously a blessing to just unwind in the city for a couple nights, explore, see the sights, no real agenda other than soaking in family time, and  we were able to find a new fave hotel spot, a mile from Matt's work, which made his morning commute each day, a breeze! 

Thankful for the love that the community has to share so much good food and warm blankets with PGM. The donations this weekend were crazy, and the food was DELISH! 
We were blessed with 2 thanksgiving meals at PGM & another official meal later in the week :)

Thankful that Matt's alarm went off at 6am on Thanksgiving day, so that we got to enjoy the WHOLE day, and get ready for the parade, which I had NO idea was happening RIGHT outside our hotel!? I literally almost cried of happiness that my parade loving self, could actually attend this festivity- and I had thought ahead of all the bundling needed for city walks, so the kids were warm-ish, and happy the whole time :)

  eek!! We are here RIGHT by tom  the turkey. :) :) :)
 Hannah was just thrilled to know that she got to eat hot dogs at 7am :)
  Here they come!

Finally time for Dad to come pick us up to enjoy Thanksgiving gospel and a turkey dinner catered at PGM by Levy Restaurant.

 Thankful for our Moana date on Thanksgiving evening- the theater was ours.... This movie is a must see. Somehow it really spoke to us?! The listen to your calling part was actually moving, crazy what God will use - even a Disney movie :)

Image result for moana

 Thankful for a city drive at night.

 Pumpkin Pie?  No thanks, we want milkshakes and sundaes ;)
 Matt was blessed by having a parking spot at work all week, so we saved oodles of cash by parking the van there instead of the hotel... and then one of us ( namely Matt ;)), trekked back to our hotel ... these 2 got quality time in for sure. XO

 Thankful for sweet texts from the beautiful grown up chica Marian ...that I used to bbsit when she was itty bitty!!!! Love that we stayed in touch over the many years and many miles. Love her love of Dunkin too :)

Thankful that we were blessed with good company at the end of our week and had a blast enjoying friendships, and RV shopping. This is what Hannah and I think of all that ;)

Headed home sweet home!

Just what I needed to start this week! Praying  the strong Spirit shows up and shows off today and every day!

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