Monday, November 21, 2016


Thankful for our Sleeping Beauty.
She tries our patience endlessly, she is determined and loves doing her own thing, for every single area of life.... She is one of a kind and such a crazy unique colorful energetic blessing that, at times like this, I need the gentle reminders from Heaven, when she is sleeping, of how angelic, innocent and beautiful she is. And the prayers we pray for God to protect her ( and our boys too of course), are countless. Bubble wrap these munchkins please!!

Thankful that Hudson's speech is progressing.... he is obsessed with numbers and counting and I am in awe of his progress! Still praying he can pull it together with his socialization, spitting mouthfuls of water isn't the best way to make friends ;)

 Thankful for a fun new way to use dominos in math.
Turkey Tuesday! 

 Thankful that while Matt had to visit AZ for a court date, {he was in and out, case dismissed} ...
he captured the new Dunks right by our old house.... insert all the sob faces now... the 80 degree fall temps AND a brand new dunks!? Oh man.
                                                               Look at cutie pie Gracie!! Growing up fast and loving Kindergarten! 

Thankful that my job is flexible enough to be around for the special days at school for Hannah.
 Fabulous Magic Show at her school!

How perfect is this bulletin board?! Every detail is flawless.  And those two faces are pretty cute too ;)

Thankful for texts with flashback pics in them!!! Miss these itty bitty faces!!!

Loved seeing pics of how Matt & the team served breakfast to everyone last week!
  (That's Pastor Green, Matt's boss in maroon)

Thankful that my mom was able to get a day in the life experience of middle school with Big H!

 So excited to have been there to see big H as the school's mascot during Volleyball!

A nap saved this guy from a haircut, hoping for try #2 this week ;)

Saw this as we were driving to work.... A lobster food truck.... why didn't we think of that!?!
Thankful for moola  from Matt's parents for a dinner date 
(Bdubs and Fro yo! Yes please!) 

 Bedtime snuggles are our faves!!
  So I had a training at the Chicago Children's Museum Saturday.... and what came from the sky!?! WHITE STUFF!!! What in the world!? Snow in November?

Thankful for Target's Beauty Concierge making our errand stop extra special. Of course we wanted a romantic braided updo to match our hoody and short shorts ;)

Thanksgiving Hill Style 11.20.16

Image result for thanksgiving versesImage result for thanksgiving versesHappy Thanksgiving Day Bible Verses and Quotes Images Wallpapers

Sunday School 11.20.16.
3 perfect kiddos who hopefully captured the lesson of God's great ability to help them, just like He helped Nehemiah build... I think their wall is pretty impressive too & it didn't take nearly as long as Nehemiah's :)
 Birthday girl Josie!!!

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