Monday, November 14, 2016


Today we woke up totally exhausted yet totally refreshed all at once!
The 3 day weekend was refreshing & such a blessing!!!

So thankful that we were able to get away for a country retreat weekend!
So thankful to watch Harrison develop friendships. My parents totally invested in our childhood with great trips surrounded by believers- and I love that we are finally doing that too. Harrison was seriously in his element all weekend... loved watching him... and loved how awesome his friends were.
So  thankful for our selfless hosts & the love and care they poured on us!!
So thankful that noone was hurt during all the fun! Matt's wheelies on his quad had me worried ;)
So thankful to know that we have just one full week before the Thanksgiving holiday week is here!
So thankful to know that we have just over a month until the BEACH!!!!
So thankful for this song & these words and the truth of salvation and being free....

 {More Bulls pics from last week's Bulls night}

Loved the adorable presidential clipart TPT had!! I loved that age 5 and 6, the girls voted for the girl and the boys voted for the boy presidential candidate. Although, some of these kids have definitely heard too much politics and I was like ummmm yeah lets move on :) 
Loved that I had a late start one day last week and could drop our kiddos off at school :)

Hooray for Picture Day!! One of the rare days our students can be out of uniform! They looked SO cute!!!

 Weekend Fun!! {Disclaimer, only blurry iphone pics ;)}

 The army dress up gear was such a hit!
 Matt getting his farming lesson :)

 The boys and their toys!
 It was SUCH a gorgeous weekend!! Lots of sun & brisk fall air!

 Two very special very spoiled princesses
 Yes I was that crazy mom wanting one last pic, blinded by the sun and all ;)
 And then this... :) :)
 Thankful we were driving home on the day when it was Super Moon!
 Pink at 1st then gorgeous yellow. Beautiful end to our weekend.

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