Monday, November 7, 2016


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Thankful for encouraging ministry on Sunday. This key verse was pulled out ... and used in very applicable practical ways... and so we are encouraged to continue with our daily Christian walk... faint yet pursuing...

Thankful to have 3 1st grade helpers visit our class to help us with Pumpkin Science 

 Thankful for fun hands on fine motor skill building activities...
spaghetti + cheerios + playdough as the base = amazing!!

 Thankful for our kid's being off one day last week, so they could both come meet my amazing class!!

 In light of our Cubbies being WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! WOOT WOOT!! ( We did some serious nail biting last week... but oh my word.... they won!!!!!!!! Seriously so much fun to have the hubbub going on in OUR CITY!!! Our crazy violent city needed some hope and excitement- and hooray for the Cubbies pulling it off.... wow!!! So fun!!! Of course the whole week we did fun Cubs/Baseball inspired lessons... and one fun STEM lesson was to create an updated Wrigley Field out of Legos :)

 Thankful for joy in the journey... the journey of teaching Hudson how to be socially appropriate. 10 minutes into my workout, I get called to childcare.  So out we go to take a stroll and we found this new update to the quaint little shopping area by  the gym. We sat here for an hour, while Matt and the 2 others did their thang.... and his active happy little self seemed to soak up the mommy time...

Thankful for a short week this week. parent teacher conferences have my Wednesday like booked til 6pm booooo but no kids that whole day ( and all the people said AMEN) and Veterans Day off! (Although our kiddos are in school and Matt has to work, we are playing hooky and driving west to Iowa...time to soak in friends & farms & no city action for a couple days!) 

Thankful for perks of the job... awesome seats with yummy food to watch the Bulls! Matt was able to bring Harrison too. along with 5 people that earned a motivational incentive from his career program... Hooray for a PR stunt from the Bulls!!!

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