Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Thankful for a front row...first spot by door parking space... on a rainy grocery day

Thankful for my mom and ray who put our kids activities primo & cheer them on in rain sun or wind!

Thankful for Harrison's leadership skills and questioning. He was able to talk with his coach, without any parental coaching, and got his position changed. Thankful that Harrison made a touchdown in this new position & that we found our camera battery- so we busted out the good ole Canon for some :real: pictures (He is #93, in the end zone! He had just scored!)🏉


Thankful for uncle Dusty who's a great preschool fundraiser supporter! VW of orland  we love you

Thankful for my hunny who came home early Friday so we all could have a dolphin tale 2 date.

Thankful for Tom & Ruth Hoy
Thankful for discovering & uncovering new truths in John 2.

Thankful that potatoes were on serious sale! Our turn at feeding the flock at church..so we bought Fried chicken & cooked buffalo style potatoes(Pintrest gets full credit. Yum & EZ!)

Thankful for a delicious meal, with great friends for both us and our kids.

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