Wednesday, October 15, 2014


what a week!
Thankful for cute sayings from Hannah that just make me shake my head & laugh. Example: we are watering the mums at dads grave & she sees a massive tomb. "That's huge! It must be Gods".
Thankful for harrisons awesome grades on some big tests
Thankful for a great marathon Sunday in the city
Thankful for a great encouraging supper date with our friend also in the city (we love the city!!!)
Thankful for 34 boxes for operation christmas child -  stuffed w loot & love by a few friends from church
Thankful for a warm rainy fall day - the perfect snuggle date!
Thankful for the mountain of laundry folded...sorted & put away ( this is a small miracle!!)
Thankful for my new perfume : rosa botanica by Balenciaga
Thankful for my brother
Thankful for my iPhone - I've been reminded that technology is a blessing & many people go without ~although the new updates are not too amazing
thankful for our awesome sitter who took our 2 littles overnight


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