Monday, October 20, 2014


950-Thankful for trust.
951-Thankful for grace & forgiveness.
952-Thankful for Hudson rocking the growth charts during his 18 month well check
953-Thankful to see all his big back molars during his screams at shot time. He almost has ALL his teeth! How did that happen so painlessly!? Superman!
954-Thankful for Harrison's choir performance in Harvest Fest. {I love that my "all boy" son, is all heart too. Singing one day a week, art another, football the others... feels like the perfect blend. Harrison you are aweome. #bestolderbrother}
955-Thankful for Franks Hot Sauce. Creative twist this week: Buffalo Salmon (chunk it up.. add bleu cheese and ranch/jalepeno dressing. Wrap in lettuce w/avacado slices)
956-Thankful for w.i.d.e open doors at PGM
957-Thankful for prayer warriors. Continue to bring the Johnson family before the Throne.
958- Thankful for a fun concession stand afternoon {Each family has to commit to working 5 hours to help out the football organization. If our littles hadnt woke up back at the ranch, I would have loved to stay all night. It was a blast!! Disclaimer, you don't want to know how we make concession food haha!!}
959- Thankful for my hunny supporting his coworkers kid's fundraiser- scoring us a Pumpkin Buttercream Yankee Candle. Delish.
960- Thankful for a new week. Fresh start. Happy hearts. Hoping for less "world rocking" things in our own personal worlds this week. Praying for you- my fab reader- that your week will be amazing & that you will enjoy each moment of each day.


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