Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Thankful that my better half and Hannah Banana made it safely to WA. (Lots of Hannah pics, get ready ;))
(Apple of my eye. Serving the tent crew honey crisps)

(One of our FAVE places.. Leavenworth WA)

(Such fun bunks!)

(Stinky cows!)

(hannah and isabelle and dog Hank)

 Thank you Ruth for stocking the pantry with Easy Mac! 💗

Thankful that they enjoyed the journey, with beautiful stops here and there.
Thankful for the generosity of the Hoys. They got a new to them RV, so the sleeping quarters for Matty Hannah, Jay and a couple others, is like crazy upgraded from our last year's Terry experiences! The fact that they can shower and use the restroom in the trailer, instead of the bug filled camp ground facility is AHMAZINGGGGGGG!!! So thankful!

So incredibly thankful for the believers in Okanogan. So. Totally. Thankful.

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Thankful for being able to see the beauty in each of our children during our time of separation. I love seeing how Hannah serves and helps, without anyone asking it of her.
Image result for lolita lempickaI love how hands on Harrison is, and how mature he acts. I love spending time with him solo, once little buddy goes to bed.
I love Hudson waking me up early with his big smile and casual "hey mom". I love how he is working harder on listening the 1st time and using self control with his impulsivity.

Thankful for our heat wave! We love the sun kissed bronze effect!

Thankful for Lolita Lepicka! This perfume is where it's at for summer!

Thankful for the last full week of school being HERE! It is PACKED so full, and I love the distraction that it will provide from missing our 2 favorites.

Thankful for B-dubbs. Dates here are boy friendly ( how many games can one watch at once!? & delish! )

 Thankful for Susanna reaching her H.S Graduation Mile Stone! Mary's amazing party planning skills were so beautifully and selflessly demonstrated.... and I might be obsessed with matchy matchy for my boys!

Thankful for Anne... bless this dear momma's heart... she has a tribe of her own... and yet she cares so lovingly for others... sending me a Dunkin GC so I could get some extra caffeine and sugar over the next few weeks .... soooo crazy kind!
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Thankful that our one way Oahu tickets are booked!

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  1. Way to go Hannah with that little servant heart! 💜