Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun Times. Photos!

Rodeo Friends!

 Harrison's 1st Flag Football Game! He scored 2 touchdowns, one by interception (yaaay!) and one on purpose! The league does not keep score, but we thought our little guy did a great job :)

 Proud Grandparents :)

 Hannah in her little frog chair, and in her own little mood.

 Dirt! How was love to dig! :)

 Proud Pepere & we know Papa was smiling from Heaven.

 Our 1st Spring Training Game with the kiddos! It was 80 degrees and HOT, so we stayed for the 1st 3 exciting homerun packed innings, then packed it in! :)

 Tan & Baseball!

 Dinner with good friends

 Baby Hebert is growing lots!

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