Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Multitude Monday

Thankful for ~

141 The chart topper is how thankful we are that our  baby boy is growing and is healthy and could be born any day now, and be healthy and between 5 1/2- 6 pounds! Please pray for our friend's nephew- who was born at just 1 pound :( I seriously can not fathom what their family is going through at this time.

142 "Life's Little Book of Wisdom". Will try and do a Wisdom Wednesday Post and share some of the great tid bits we are reading and hopefully applying.

143 that Hannah is trying to memorize verses with us.

144 Love Dr Seuss week at school!

145 A new job opportunity for next year

146 Harrison said all the books of the Bible in front of everyone at our Children's Bible Hour Monday! He earned $10 from church too for that accomplishment.

147 Week 7 out of 8 in Stats!! SO close to being done with this insanely intense class.

148 Candy Land nights with the fam. Hannah loves learning her colors as she moves along.

149 Yellow Flowers from Trader Joes from my hunny!

150 Our Sunday School Picnic is Saturday!

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