Wednesday, March 20, 2013

6 days until our baby boy arrives!

Since we are on Spring Break this week and we just have 6 days until my induction date, which got moved up one day, since my Dr will be on Spring Break the day I really wanted.... we are living up each day off.

Monday was a fun day out and about with Library-shoppping-eating & playing! Oh and lots of organizing!
Tuesday was the zoo with my in laws- always a bonus to have 4 extra hands!
Today is Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I hope to share a few tidbits that I have enjoyed.
*Expect Christ's Return *Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice *Doing the Right Thing is Always Liberating *Do Something for Someone without Taking Credit
- From Life's Little Handbook of Wisdom.
 Kiddos in Sunday Best on St. Patrick's Day

 Zoo Day!


Hannah's 1st Carousel Ride :)

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