Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A picture is worth a 1000 words :)

Multitude Monday... on Tuesday :)
Monday was our last Children's Meeting, and Harrison won Grand Prize for perfect attendance and perfect verse recitations. :) 151

Our sweet lucky leprechaun Hannah 152
Wild West Pose at our Sunday School Picnic

It was SO cold on Saturday! What are the odds in March...in Arizona that we had to bust out JACKETS!?! :) Hannah loved the cookie decorating and the PINK frosting

Hannah as Miss Monkey...with glasses and yellow mustache :)

Harrison was shot after a long day at school- but Hannah wasnt even close to tired yet :)
We are trying out the co-sleeping with the kids. Harrison is now in a bed in Hannah's room as Hannah still loves her crib- who are we kidding- we LOVE her crib aka confinement :)

Baby boy at 37 weeks! He weighs 7pounds 13 ounces! Bigger than our other 2 at BIRTH! So we are thinking an 8 pounder + is in our future pretty soon!! We all CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET HIM! :)
Hannah's latest: "I want 2 brothers, I want 2 Harrisy's"

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