Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Multitude Monday goes to 100!

So awesome to reflect back over the short few weeks of this blog to see the many blessings God has brought to us.
We hope you are counting your many blessings this week and every day too :)

91- A Wonderful Conference weekend!! * If you want to hear the great ministry and gospel, recordings are available at www.orangewoodgospelhall.com

92- meeting new friends at conference

93- thankful for amazing gospel... yep at conference :)

94- the cutest pink princess dress on our princess ... WISH i got a pic of her in it! Hoping someone did and  I can steal it. It was a 1 time wear only - as it was super tulle-y and a few spots tore as it was reallllly full and long. It had been hanging in my closet since I was 18!!! I bought it for a Sunday School girl, who didnt have a fancy dress for a special church occasion, but it didnt work out for her to wear it, so I kept it hoping I would have  a princess someday.... and 11 years later it was worn. :)

95- Class #3 of Masters in session. Hard! Time consuming! But thankful sooo thankful Matt is also schooling, so we can both be crabby about school together :)

96- An encouraging, potentially life changing email.

97- another tooth lost in our *siigghh* big kiddo's mouth. More teeth gone = Harrison is growing. Bittersweet.

98- the sweet soft Amens after nightly prayers..

99- super bowl sunday fast approaching

100- Our juicer! Our fridge looks like the produce aisle....but excited to drink some healthy *ahem* GROSS smelling & looking, cleansing drinks :)


8 weeks until a new Hebert joins us our partay of 4!

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