Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Blessings

Multitude Monday... a couple days late :) When life is on hold- like our vay kay to FL - and we had no GCU and no work... I could blog on time... then school & work hit and life becomes a BLUR yet again :)

This week's blessings:
60- Free coffee and donuts at Dunkin because of all the awesome GCards we got for Christmas!
61- Christmas celebration with my in laws after our vay kay... so we got to be spoiled AGAIN... and we REALLY enjoyed our time as we REALLY missed them when we went away.
62- Work. Every morning Harrison & I get to ride together to school - and I love going to work each day. I love that Harrison pops in throughout the day for kisses. My class loves him and thinks he is the coolest 2nd grader, I have to agree :)
63- Valentine's Decorations and Candy! I L.O.V.E the bright pink and hearts EVERYWHERE!! This is one of my fave holidays- besides my birthday and Xmas :)
64- An awesome Dad who spends lots of time assembling Lego sets with Harrison. ( My patience level for the itty bitty pieces is pretty much at 0!)
65-A girly girl Hannah! All of a sudden our daughter who wears "Thomas the Choo Choo" panties- yes BOYS- instead of GIRL ones, has totally turned PRINCESS on us!! She twirls and spins and dances and loves lip gloss
66- An upcoming wedding where we will get to see many friends from far away!
67- New perfume samples from Sephora- LOVE that place! I am sooo indecisive with perfume and there is a new one - Gold Sugar which is AMAZING & Bulgari Coral. Which one!?
68- Build a Bear! The joy it brings our family is probably just what they wanted it to be when they market to sucker parents like us.
69- Baby Boy H! We get to see another ultrasound tomorrow at 28 weeks... and this is Hannah's 1st trip to the Baby Doc. She will be excited! Or run around crazy as our office has insane wait times.
70- Marriage. We are going on our 9th year, and seriously, as I was writing a Psych Paper on Effects of Divorce on Children- 1 out of 2 marriages ENDS. Break my heart! I am so thankful for our commitment to each other but also for our commitment to Christ. I truly believes that makes ALL the difference! If you would like to read more about Gods love... check out

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