Monday, January 21, 2013

Multitude Monday

Thankfulness abounds here!
We are thankful for....

81- Healthy baby boy! 30 week check up today and 3d Ultrasound showed a beautiful chubby hand covering his face. A shy Hebert? Oxymoron? But maybe.... Also he is measuring 4 pounds, and is in the 95%tile ...

82- Nesting has taken over. Organizing and cleaning has hit my house like a craze & I love it.

83- MLK Day- a great day to remember a great man, and to enjoy a day off with my amazing fam.

84- Arizona Winters. I think  I can be thankful for this blessing EVERY single day. Getting a tan while at the park with the kiddos in January, is so fab!

85- Mom is coming in 2 days!

86- Conference baking is almost DONE... I need  a 2nd freezer. That is a big feat, as I have to bring 14 dzn bars/cookies, 4 pies (Unbaked- YAY for Costco!!), 5 dzn cupcakes. Cupcakes are my passion. So these babies are dyed bright orange, bright purple and bright teal. The frosting. Ahh. BRIGHT neon pink Rainbow chip. Way too excited to frost come Friday :)

87- Conference is in 4 days! We are really excited to hear God's word all weekend

88- Lexi! Our awesome sitter who gets Hannah all day of Saturday's Confernece.

89- Harrison ... pretended to take meds so that Hannah aka SUPER drama queen when sick, would take her pink princess meds happily.

90- Grandparents who challenge Harrison to learn scriptures. Our goal: memorize 1st 5 verses of John 3. Any takers? We want to have it done in 2 weeks :) Harrison gets the Sugar Creek Gang DVD set when done ( shh :)) If you have yet to view those... they are a GREAT series- morals and values in kids movies seem like a thing of the past. But these movies make them come alive again & our kids love them. Score!!

Have a wonderful week!

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