Monday, January 14, 2013

Its finally COLD in AZ!

Multitude Monday

Blessings to begin this week! What have you been blessed with lately?

70- “Jesus Calling”- this mini devotional book has just the right amount of encouragement no matter what time I read it!

71- Sciatic Pain- yes weird to be thankful for this, but just another reminder that our baby boy Hebert is growing fast! 29 weeks today and I feel un-preg except the nerve pain every now and then and kicks and flutters J

72- Children’s Meetings have begun again! This does create a rather rushed and insane Monday schedule, but knowing the kids get a fun gospel message and another chance to hang with Christian friends is a Plus! Watching Hannah raise her hand like a big kid and call out songs is too sweet too J Her faves are Oh I know It  and I’m in the Lord’s Army.

73- WINTER has hit AZ!! Temps were 27 this morning and high of 45 today! Yay for real winter weather.

74- A salon trip for my 1st ever gel manicure! Where have I been!?! I always would get tips put on, but gel mani is au naturalle and should last just as long.

75- PATRIOTS won their 1st play off game!! Another nail biter is coming up Sunday.

76- Birthday parties this coming weekend for Harrison to attend. Although I am NOT a fan of giving up our family time- our too short weekend- for parties, I love that Harrison has nice friends that want to include him. So we will go to two, back to back.

77- My neon pink dress that I get to wear to a wedding Friday!! Yay for warmer weather coming...70 degrees by Friday- AZ weather is amazing!!!

78- My mom heading our way in a week+.

79- Movie date with my love! Love that the theater by us has childcare for our kiddos!

80- New bedroom furniture!

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