Monday, December 31, 2012

Multitude Monday - New Years Eve

Another Monday is here!
Another Monday to reflect upon multitudes of God's Blessings.
The top 10 blessings...

50- Sunny weather and amazing pool day today :)
51- Awesome deals at Target!
52- Reuniting with cousins for a great evening!
53- Enjoying quality family time
54- Watching Hannah grow up in the short time we have been on vaykay. She is a little fish in the pool and is beyond independent- surprise surprise :) Must be Mommy's girl for sure!!
55- Awesome chat at the pool with a great friend...while our kiddos were napping.
56- Pictures!  I L.O.V.E reliving great memories by checking out our pictures.
57- Health! While we have heard so many prayer requests about sick children, adults etc, we are so thankful that we all are healthy.
58-Mom's yummy fudge!
59- Kids in bed, fire works outside, candles and christmas lights on inside, hubby and I eating Mom's homemade slush w a movie date.
60- a new year to be rung in... in 2 short hours, but not a chance I will stay awake :)
Enjoy God's blessings in 2013! We can not wait to meet our newest blessing in 13 short weeks :)
Enjoy some pictures from our beach New Years Eve Partay

 Fireworks on the beach
 Other friends doing lanterns. It was like real life Tangled! Hannah & I were lovin' it!
Our condo, and our fans :)

 Hannah and Jackson. Ready for 2013 a few hours early

  Happy New Year!!! XOXO

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