Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Multitude Monday!

31- Thankful that Target saved 15 shoeboxes for our Operation Christmas Child Party!! Friday is the big day! Please pray for blessing.

32- Pumpkin pie Gold Canyon candle burning in a Christmassy festive house, warm, clean, blessed. So many are needy this Christmas and winter. Help us all to remember the small things like water, toilets, showers, lights, that we take for granted each day.

33- amazed at Harrison’s Sunday School teacher. Her patience is amazing. Her love for God and for the children she teaches is priceless. We are so thankful for Miss Rhema.

34- this sounds crazy-but after our  hospital stay with Hannah 2 summers ago, any time I have to help her, no matter if its 3 times in the same night from 1-4am, I am thankful she is home-alive & full of life ( even if I am ½ asleep!) hoping for a better night tonight J

35-week 6 of my 2nd class of Masters program has begun! 2 more weeks to go, then onto Statistics- yikes!!

36- thankful for good friends who give us adorable hand me downs!!! Hannah is perfectly dressed (when she wants to wear clothes that is, she is a nudist by nature J) and I have hardly bought ANY fall / winter clothes!!

37- love our neighbor friends who shared some delish chocolate cake this weekend. The small blessings in life but are they small? These random acts of kindness are pure God moments when He is glorified! Christians helping each other and just wanting to share beautiful!!

38- our car. Oh boy! What a fiasco! The oil filter for my dad’s BMW is a rare breed apparently- so 3 places didn’t have it and wouldn’t do an oil change. I bought a filter, brought it back to walmart, only to wait 1 ½ and them to FINALLY look at the car and tell me the oil filter mount was busted and if they broke it they’d be liable- so they didn’t want to touch it. So with 245,000 miles- AMAZING RIGHT!?!?! Our car needs an oil mountamong MANY other things J But it runs!! BEAUTIFULLY and FAST and it was my dad’s. So this car-so very sentimental to me- is still in 1 piece and I know it’s because God knows I cannot part with it yet. Every morning it actually starts- is a blessing that God has given us.

39- a work from home hubby! Love love love that he works at home and can watch Hannah at the same time & work on his Masters!! Multi-task much!? It is really special that when we get home from school, he is a hands- on dad, ready to wrestle Harrison or play football together and embrace family time head on. We love Daddy!!! His meatballs that he made Friday night will be our leftovers tonight and ohh soo delish!!! Xo

40- 2 more CLEAR signs from God on paths to take after our school year is done. Having Matt’s flexible work schedule, and my ability to (hopefully) teach online, opens up any location really! So we are praying praying praying for HIS location to be made known! Pray with us! J
 A few fam photo shots below :) The rest download as massive files...will work on it another night :)







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