Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry & Bright!

Ohh what a wonderful time of year!
Multitude Monday came a day late :)
Blessings to be thankful for this week...

*A clean house- ( I LOVE returning home from vay kay to spotlessness!! :))
*A PERFECT red eye flight!!!! Seriously...worried that Hannah would be wide eyed from 11pm-4am, as we trekked to FL on Sunday night... but her and Harrison passed right out moments from take off. Love the ipad that lulled her to sleep.
*A cheery and awake Mimi to meet us a 5am in FL! SO thankful she made in to FL safely and could get us at that crazy hour on Christmas Eve Day.
*LOVE FLORIDA!!! So much has changed in the 5 years lapse that we have taken from coming here at Christmas time, but the smells, the beach, the fun & the condo are just AMAZING
*Thankful for DUNKIN just a few streets down from our condo :)
*Love love love that my mom spent time to deco the cond. It sparkles...love the trees...the lights...the candles... waves in the background, christmas vibe inside. Nothing beats it!
*Love that I know my Dad was watching us in Heaven, as his dear grandkiddies enjoyed Christmas in his condo. We  miss him each day, but the holidays are especially hard, especially since we havent been to Florida without him.
*Love the joy in the kids minds and eyes as they anticipated opening gifts. Harrison stayed up until 12 last night in hopes of opening his gifts RIGHT as it hit the 25th :) No such luck :)
*Enjoyed our Christmas Eve new-ish tradition :), of kids opening new jammies and new books. What a beautiful sight- 2 clean, jammied kids, reading books together.
*Love that both Matt & I are GCU free for the entire 2 weeks that we are here. Love that Matt is OFF work for the entire 2 weeks as well. We are truly on VAY KAY!!! Love love love this!!
*PS pray for a deluge tomorrow!! We heard there is a 50% chance of rain at Disney, so we are going to relive one of Matt & I's amazing dates. Disney soaked!! No lines! No waiting! Just soaked bliss. Seriously sooooo excited! Hannah + Princesses = BLISS. Mama + Disney in general, especially the food there = BLISS. Family time together = Bliss!!!

I hope that your Christmas holiday time is full of BLISS too!! XOXO

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