Sunday, December 16, 2012

Multitudes...a day early :)

Counting our blessings for yet another week...another week that God has left us here on Earth to glorify Him. 10 reasons to give Him thanks this week!

41- Thankful that we have an all knowing God who will heal the hearts of those affected by the Sandy Hooks School Massacre. This situation is the unthinkable.Heartbreaking & completely surreal. Makes our morning prayers for safety for the day not so "mundane"- but REAL! Safety in our small towns is just taken for granted. Maybe this will create a pathway for prayers to come back into public education. Pray without ceasing.

42- Happy to have had an wonderful evening of fellowhip as we filled 21 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!Imagining how children will feel and react when they get a box full of goodies, when normally their Christmas is empty, is just something I can not even imagine!! So thankful that God enabled us and some friends to be able to help those in need. (And the postage to mail them all was not as brutal as I had thought :))

43-SHORT WEEK AT WORK/SCHOOL!! 3.5 days and then 2 weeks off! Not just 2 weeks off from my work and Harrison's school- but GCU is also on holiday break for 2 weeks during our break AND HUGE bonus- Matt had loads of vaca time to use before 2013- so he is officially off that time too!! Can.not.wait. 6 days until FLORIDA!

44- ABC family countdown to christmas family movies - some nights are total duds- but LOVE old christmas classics. Love this time of year.

45- Salvation for a homeless man at church!! He is now working on his resume with hopes of changing his life. Praise the Lord!

46- Baby boy Hebert kicks and flips and hiccups!(6 months..1 Week)

47- Hannah's sweet kisses on my tummy. Then she looks at her tummy and always tells me - "I have a baby boy too. Daddy too. Harrisy too." Can not wait for our family to hold our precious baby!

48- Harrison's awesome athlctic ability! He is so much fun to play with and to watch! Flag football begins in the New Year. So exciting!

49- Pei Wei for lunch today & leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Delish.

50- Salvation. Heaven is our home! Amidst this world that gets darker each day- help us all who are saved to be the LIGHT. Shine to others. Satan is out there as we saw in big picture Friday morning, but thankful God is bigger than our foes and will judge Adam - so I do not have to.

Hugs & Love
More pic of our Fall Photo Shoot in Chicago- October 2012- Photos courtesy of Corduan Compositions :)

Operation Christmas Child Party!!  The Assembly Line begins ...

 Photos courtesy of Enoch! (Guy on the right :))

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