Monday, December 3, 2012

Multitude Monday #3

21- Thankful that this is the last night sleeping solo!! Matt arrives tomorrow night. How did we do this for 6 months last year? 4 days gone seems WAY too long!!
22- Amazed that Hannah and Harrison played SO well and gave this single mama a dream weekend! So many laughs and piggy back rides.
23- LOVING the sparkle that white lights all over our yard brings
24- Enjoy hearing Harrison talk about what he wants for his birthday... which is in June.. already. He MUST be my son:) I start my bday wish list MONTHS in advance too :) Love this boy!!
25- Thankful that my 1st graders were awesome learners and workers today. Some times I didnt even know there were kids in my room. And there were 22.
26- Christmas cards were mailed out on Dec 1!! That is my new record and it feels amazing to look at my empty desk..
27- Thankful to have found a little memorial frame with a verse on it to put my Grandma's picture for my mom. This is my Grandma's 1st Christmas in Heaven, which is bliss for her, but sad for my mom especially.
28- CINNABON FOR SUPPER- yes, nothing else. Just extra frosting and their biggest cinnabon roll with milk. (My turkey sandwhich and clementine for lunch have to offset this enormous sugar rush right!?)
29-thankful to have read some powerful pages in our new fave book "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. Some examples are : "the greatest joy in God come from giving His gifts away", "if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself & take up his cross daily and follow me. (Luke 9:23), The dying that Piper is talking about is " dying of comfort, security, reputation, health, family, friends,wealth & homeland". These powerful pages go hand in hand to answer specific prayers for our family and we are thankful. So thankful.
30- Blessed to have inlaws that sacrifice their time and ENERGY- ohh soo much energy for our precious Hannah! Who spent the whole day there today, overnight tonight and all day tomorrow. We miss our sassypants sweety, but thankful for awesome "daycare" while Dad is away, and for not making the 37 mile commute each way while he is gone :) AND so generous as they bought Harrion a replacement fish tank :) Who knew that fishies dont survive well in the tub...we lost a couple..

How was your week? I hope you also came up with 10 blessings to be thankful for :)
Pictures will come once Matt is home with our camera :) He went to the Baconary (sp?!) In NYC - DROOL- JEALOUS-YES :) Pic will come :)


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