Monday, May 27, 2013


Thankful this week for...
230- School being out!

231- Smiles & Coos from Hudson

232- Friends

233- Healthy Hannah. Just 2 years ago today, we were rushing Hannah to the ER at Children's because her breathing was labored. 9 days later and after 400ml of "gunk" removed from her lung, she was good as new :) A Memorial Day that we truly will never forget.

234- Officer Raetz & Firefighter Harper- both sacrificed their young lives as they served the people of Arizona. The funerals were this week. Pray for their families.

235- Harrison earning "Most Improved" at Soccer Camp.

236- Time to be home to organize and be a domestic diva

237- Double Points time if you use your Nordstrom Debit card!! ( Yes Debit, not Credit!- Genius way to shop- money comes directly from checking, so no interest, and double points until tomorrow- after so many points a Nordstrom Giftcard arrives in the mail! Score!)

238- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

239- Finding my heart rate monitor! I love this thing and I have run without it for months and now I can calorie track my runs.

240- Scotty Procopio- my younger 2nd cousin who was killed in action in Faluja(sp?!) in April of '05. Today is the 5K & 10K run to honor him in MA. Thankful for his sacrifice. Thankful for his love for the USA
 Hannah 2 years ago, Memorial Day. SO thankful she has not had ANY other major health issues since.

  Hudson :)
 Hudson & Memere

 The procession for Bradley Harper. Pictures do not do it justice. There were over 100 fire trucks all in a row, simply moving.

 Ready to support Officer Raetz's family as they were heading down our main road after the service.

 Our sweet neighbors, Mia & Sophia.



. May we pray for those who serve us currently and thank a service man or woman today, on Memorial Day 2013.


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