Monday, June 3, 2013


This weeks gratitude moments can be wrapped up in three letters.VBS!
Our 2nd annual vacation bible school began today. We have been praying about this outreach since last years ended...back n July. The Lord blessed us and other Christian friends with a couple days of invitation hand out time and lunch together. What a great (HOT) time and good fellowship. Tonight we opened the doors to a nautical world at our church with the theme : bible adventures on the sea...focusing on the key truths of the bible and asking the kids if they have the anchor of salvation. The turn out for Christian helpers was wonderful...the food was yummy and plentiful...the kids were excited and we had 43 little minds and hearts learning about Jonah and the importance of obeying God. The craft...yay for oriental trading...went great. The t shirts that were ordered were sooo cool. Seriously Matt and I can't stop thankingGod for a GREAT Opening night. Please pray that these kids will find their true anchor in The Lord before the weeks out.
Pictures will come :) :)

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