Sunday, June 30, 2013

Washington Part 3

Trailer park fun :)
We are ready to embrace our 3rd Monday here in WA.
271-We are thankful that we are escaping Arizona's heat wave! We are enjoying the cooler temps of this beautiful Northwest state.
272-We are thankful for Joey's salvation during the meetings! He is a 23 yr old guy who works with one of the believers here. He was very troubled throughout all the meetings. He got saved on

Harrison sneaking up on bunnies

Us at Lake Chelan

Us & Kazen's at Lake Chelan

 Huddled during a rain shower

 Two peas in a pod!


 Bubbly sweetheart!


 Hud-bud :)

 Showing us her "happy heart"

Wednesday, not at meeting, and told us Friday night after the final meeting. It was AWESOME. God is GOOD! Salvation is so simple, and just realized it was for him! A totally personal realization, and now he is on his way to Heaven.
273-We are thankful for our partners in the outreach and meetings. They are a super couple & were such wonderful examples and mentors to us each day. We parted ways on Saturday, but we will see them & stay with them back in Seattle area on July 4-9.
274-We are thankful for our trailer- Some days I was like the Children of Israel- complaining and grumbling about my "manna" ..... but considering other camping options... I was super duper thankful for our accommodations.
275- We are thankful for Harrison's social skills. He made a ton of new friends, who we are excited to be email pen pals with once we get back home.
276- We are thankful for Hannah's determination and her wanting to things on her own. She is a big helper (in her own sweet crazy 2 1/2 yr old  way of course :))
278- We are thankful for Hudson's SWEET and laughable personality. He sleeps often - anyplace- anywhere, although his sleep at night had shifted to newborn like stages ( no fun!), but we are now staying at our friends place, and have the ability to let him self soothe again at night. Yay for more zzz's!
279- We are thankful for good friends who invited us to spend some time with them at their condo at Lake Chelan. Below are pic :)
280- We are thankful for our marriage. We are thankful that God gave us this opportunity to come west with His Good News message! Yes the days were long & the 2nd week with Matt working all day, and then after work time ended studying, right up until meeting for that night's meeting, our family time was lacking. But again, we remembered together that to sacrifice would not be easy. If it were easy, it wouldn't be a sacrifice. Thank you for praying for us as we travel on Wednesday to Leavenworth (spending a night there) then on to Seattle Thursday for the 4th picnic with friends and many fun Seattle adventures. Continue to pray for other souls that heard the gospel, that they will be saved.
 What a goof! XOXO

 Showing off his baby blues


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