Monday, June 10, 2013

250-260 and Pictures :)

Thankful thoughts for this week...
250- VBS week is done, and it was a success & glorified God.
251- 3 new sunday school kiddos yesterday as a result!
252- meeting my 1st preschool kiddo!
253- neon!!
254- mist setting on our hose :)
255-the new dunkin sandwhich- for all you dieters- do not read this- as it will give you instant sugar cravings :) the sandwhich is... bacon.egg and cheese between a sliced GLAZED DONUT!!! wow. pure amazing deliciousness!!! sooo uncalorie free but thats what running's for right!?! :)
256-iced tea maker
257-Dr Dobson's Strong Willed Child Book
258- Gifts from our good friends in IL! Yummy chinese candies for the kids & Dunkin GC for me! So sweet!!
259- Just 2 days until we leave for WA state! Please pray for the VBS and tent meetings out there.
260- Bath & Body's Wallflowers- scent: SUNTAN. Our house smells like sunscreen which reminds us of all our happy times at the beach in FL at Xmas, and beach time back in MA and ME. So yummy & we love reliving and reflecting back on happy memories :) :)

Enjoy the month of June! Wifi may be hard to come by in rural WA so Multitude Mondays may be on hold until July when we get back.


Enjoy some recent pix :)
 Harrison's early b-day bash at the Aquatic Center

Bday Loot from friends!

Beatin' the heat!

Snoozin Sweety!

 Our new READing nook :)

 Doing the plank with mom :)

 SUCH a sweet smiley awesome baby!!!!

 Hannah's little baby :)

We love neon orange!!

 Let brotherly love continue :)

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