Monday, March 24, 2014

Multitude Monday: March 24th

Thankful this week that....

*I am a stay at home mom and was able to witness Hudson's 1st steps!!!! So so precious!

*It's Spring Break today! Harrison is home!! Pump It Up had Open Gym this morning; soo fun!!

*We were able to reconnect with old friends & had a fun night of food.. laughs... serious chats... and Blockus...(have you heard of that game? Its like a Tetris type board game :))

*Harrison had his Basketball Award Supper and game night

* my mom was able to come that night &  help, some days I wish I were an octopus! Moms need more hands :)

*Hudson has his final appt at the ENT this Friday- then his surgery will be scheduled in the near future. The results from the CT scan indicated it should be an "easy" operation... the recovery is the part I am most concerned about- a painful tongue for a week plus?!

*Hudson's birthday is THIS week!! Yay for Duff's Blue Suede Cake Mix! Circus is the theme. Party at the Park- with just fam...pray that the forecasted 52 degree temps stay! Hudson loves swings & bubbles & that's what his party will be about & then he will enjoy his Circus cupcakes with Blue Suede cake and Rainbow chip frosting. YUM.

*Drive thru dunks minutes from Church (This is suuper handy for many reasons- one is that during our afternoon service, the nursery is normally occupied with sleepers & the basement has sunday school classes- so where does a noisy crawler baby go?? In the car! Off to Dunks! And then we go back to meeting with a sleeping boy :)
 * For our kids love of Music! Papa would be soo proud of Harrison's "Ode to Joy" & Hannah's sweet attempts :)
 * For awesome deals at Savers- Ralph Lauren Onesies, 18 months: 2.99 and 3.99. (The Lord provides!! The changes of seasons here is new to us, this year, so needing sooo many different clothes for layers etc gets costly for little man who likes to dress in cute clothes & grows weekly! :)) Savers is amazing (some days!)

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