Monday, February 17, 2014

Thankful Thoughts 580-590

580-Numero uno this week was yesterday!! My brother obeyed the Lord's command and was baptized!
Matt spoke at it, which was beautiful & tears of joy were shed. We believe that my dad saw the whole thing and rejoiced greatly. "Isaiah 25:1 O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things"

581- Thankful for special Memere & Pepere time

582- Thankful for my mom's friend Ray who is a super handy man and has fixed endless things around the house. He and the kids have a beautiful bond & we are thankful for his care but most of all he has a Love for God, which he shares with our family, and its very sweet.

583-  Neon orange tootsies make the crazy snowy days seem warmer

584- Temps forecasted this week in the 40s- Heatwave, which meant today my kids were coat-less but oops it started snowing, so leaving the gym we got a few evil eyes!

585- Matt's awesome company that is pure genius & changed Take Your Child to Work day from April (when it's a school day, to today, which is a holiday)

586- Valentine's love at our mini party with fun friends

587- Aveda Valentine treats from my Cupid

588- 25 days until we arrive in sunny AZ and 26 days until I graduate

589- Thankful that this Thursday we get to know the extent of Hudson's "ranula"

590- Thankful that our incentive chart for Hannah (fingers crossed) may be working. She is a non sleeper at nights & a roamer & hungry at all hours (easy as a newborn- hard as a 3 1/2 yr old??) ( and yes we know a possible cure could be to limit naps- but that seems totally not cool for this mama :)) So she gets a happy face for each night she stays in her bed or in her room( she loves "camping" so we make her a sleeping bag area sometimes)....and a happy face each day at nap. We just need 8 more happy faces and then..... Princess Scooter is hers!!! (Those 8 happy faces could take just 4 days or 4 months- yikes! Pray for us ;)) If you have sleep tricks- lmk!

Random photo "dump" :)

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