Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Love XO

This week was amazing! My heart is overflowing with thankfulness... it cant wait til Monday!! :)
Thankful that...
690- Harrison & I were able to create a 100% recycled costume for his school's Earth Day Parade.

(After school he was like "Mom, I couldnt breathe or see" ) (oops! Nothing like forgetting eye cut outs & air holes! Yay for good friends at school to lead him around during the short parade :))

691-Every day when we drive thru Dunks for my a.m. coffee- there sits the pink take out thermos....  what did Harrison hide under his pillow for me on 4/24? The pink thermos :) Yay! Not sure who was more excited- him or I :)

692-My dream birthday .... it consisted of wishing for sharing kids, no tattling, nice words, hair appt & thrift store hoppin'. Crazy how  that wish list has evolved over the years! The things that make mom's happy huh?! :) I got most of the wishes... of course Hannah & Harrison have to have a little squabble .. or 2.. or 3 ... Here is one example of a silly squabble that starts nice and sweet and then turns very loud... which as I type it, sounds pretty cute, in the moment it's not that cute...Hannah says " Harrison I love you that's why I need to touch you ( as she is poking his face and rubbing his head). I need to marry you". This grosses Harrison SO BAD, and he gets super offended & embarrassed and then Hannah is super sad( and whiny) that Harrison ( her dude as she calls him) won't marry her... and how does one break that apart? Its truly adorable and crazy all at once :)

693-Ashley at Lifetime's Salon did a great job on keeping my length- but hacking the dead ends and helping me get volume. I adored the tea tree oil detangler and getting doused in Moroccan Oil hairspray after :) Yum.

694- Balloon Bouquet & Flowers ( My grandpa was the flower man at every birthday and my dad carried that legacy on  & we ALWAYS had flowers for every occasion it felt like! My mom did a great job continuing it yesterday ... I ADORE ADORE balloons - the more the merrier, and Matt has a serious fear of the helium ones- not mylar- still convinced there was childhood trauma but wont go there ;) ... he was super gracious and enjoyed our balloon bouquet too :))

695-  Cupcakes! Dust found a tasty bakery spot and spoiled me!

696- Birthday texts from all over!! I love my friends and family!! XO

697- An awesome hand made - too cute for words- bday card & letter from my aunt.

698- A Surprise Graduation party ( Ok  I dislike surprises, as in I use the H word ( hate) for them... so when we showed up for what was supposed to be a pizza date with a couple friends... and it was a full blown partay for yours truly... I almost didn't go in the door... I was floored! But as my friend Sara told me way back when at my surprise 25th birthday .... "dont be mad ( because I actually was really really annoyed with Matt at that event) just be thankful we all want to be here with you"... amen to that... so 6 years later, after her wise words, I smiled and fumed all at once ;) and was very very thankful for the celebration. 

699- Church rummage sales- scored that amazing Little Tikes Climber/Slide & the Baby station that Hannah's monkey is in. Yay for a mini play land in the backyard!

700- Thoughtful gifts
Dust found this pic of us, from way back! We were looking at a DQ Blizzard menu. If truth be told- when we need a sweet treat, a DQ blizzard does the trick :)

(300 left til I did my own version of 1,000 gifts!! Time to re-read that book & if you havent read that book by Ann VosKamp- make it a MUST DO asap! :))

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