Monday, April 21, 2014

Multitude Monday: 680-690

 Hi friends!
This post is coming from a gorgeous perfect Spring Day in IL!
Sun is shining- flowers are blooming & kids are napping :)

Thankful this week for :
680: A wonderful Easter Sunday ( It meant more this year because I did so much research and had studied it. I am going to work harder on studying more about the Lord during the week. It makes Sunday church time extra special. Daily devotion reading has taken me into Psalms now, which is awesome, but there is nothing like reading about the suffering of Christ.. in the New Testament ... His life... His really make His Love be fresh....)

681: Harrison's 2nd Baseball game was a success! They tied Last Year's Champs 9-9! All the parents were impressed & Harrison felt successful. It was a fun way to spend Saturday morning.

682: Wonderful friends
Kids had a jamma party w/breakfast for supper & adults had a yummy "real" meal.

683: Fun Easter Surprises

 684: Hannah our little chef... loves to get on her purple stool & help with every kitchen event. Adorable.
685: Zoo Date with Special Friends

686: New Pool liner is ordered so Mimi's pool will open within a month!

687: Thankful to have been chosen for the Chicago Marathon - but opted out this year.
688: Because... I have a job interview in a couple weeks ( or maybe even next- date isnt confirmed) for a teaching position abroad...

689: Thankful for our neon crew  & Uncle Dustin's 1st Easter with our kiddos

690: New Island-y smelling laundry detergent! Makes that mountain of clothes to put away seem enjoyable :) Hawaii is just 5 months away... but it smells like Hawaii in our room... yum!

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