Monday, March 13, 2017


Thankful for so many awesome things this week...

1- this guy.  he had a great week at school and at the gym.

 2- for safety during a shooting

 3- for a new to us nail spot. with a sweet lady who rocked at shamrocks.

4- for daily reminders.

5. for harrison's 6th grade outdoor adventure parent meeting....where I reconnected with his coach's wife from last baseball season... last June his coach lost his dad... Hudson and I went to the viewing as the posse was already in WA for the summer... I left a card and a beautiful bible ( from my aunt's awesome stash!) by the card table... haven't seen this family ALL year... ran into Kim at the parent meeting ( where we both agreed how our hubbys need to be the ones chosen for chaperoning this excursion because could you even imagine leaving your son in the care of another strange dad for 2 nights!!?NO!!!) and as we hugged goodbye.. .she's like I think of you often as we have the Bible you gave us on the sofa table... stop. dead. in. my. tracks...  just that... who even knows if it's been opened... but that's not on me... we are called to shine and share... and praise Jesus that even when it totally felt weird to leave a bible there with all the cards... that they have The Word in their home... ❤

6- for a firey food friday. (Our lesson was on Molly Williams, the 1st African American Woman Firefighter.... so what better way to make text to self connections but with firey foods!)

7- for fun girly treats at Bath and Body. Seriously "We were mermaid for each other"!??!?! Insert all the heart eyes ever.... and because Hannah's bestie Hannah is away in FL for a week and the heartache is real, this helped :)

8- for a fun fam cruise by chi-town's green river! I adore all things holiday... and so do our kids.. Matt can do without, but I love that he loves family drives... so we braved the city on this crazy day, hours after the actual river dying, so it wasn't too bad... and all the green outfits were sooo fun and festive!

9- for a desire to create an easy to use, engaging hands on Pre-K Sunday School Curriculum. Now that i am officially D.O.N.E with Masters of Special Ed ( WAHOOOO!!!), I want to use my time for growing in new ways.. and with some time freed up, I want to create a curriculum that is fun, engaging and hands on... after prayer and thought and lots of coffee... April's is done :) It seemed to make most sense to do a monthly unit, with a monthly bin for the needed materials.. envisioning 12 cute-ly labeled bins with resources ready to be explored by these itty bitties..... For the paperwork... thinking a mega binder... separated into monthly tabs... with the Unit overview 1st and the materials in each bin all ready to use...  Pictures to come once it's in use :) Here are some ideas... for the prettiest SS Organizational Tools yet... Flamingos Pink and Gold.. maybe some teal too for the boys.
Lambs & Ivy Storage Container, PinkGraphique Patterned Colored File Folder (FIF008)

10- for a new fave tune this morning on the drive to work... in the snow... boo to this weather... but yay for new jams!

Listen Here :)

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  1. Way to go Hudson! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
    Ummm, a shooting??!! 😱
    Shamrock nails and the green Chicago River ☘πŸ’š. Girl, you know I'm totally with you on all things holiday.
    Awesome to hear of that family using the Bible you left. Just awesome.