Tuesday, July 21, 2015

{Hannah's birthday week}

Sooo this week is hannahs 5th birthday week...
Big bro already turned 10 in WA, but we missed celebrating all together sooo a double hebert bash is happening on Friday :)
Trying to stay theme less-

Thankful that neon & black seem like perfect gender neutral party decor

Thankful this week for hobby lobby & their awesome deals {50% off neon ribbon }

Thankful for an aquarium date & the new amphibian exhibit  #kissthefrog

Thankful for an easy to follow tutorial on how to print on lunch bags! Easy, cute, cheap fun decor idea! {basically change your margins to the measurement of the bag... The adorable bags are 5 by 10 ish, so I entered that in & perfect!}

Thankful for a sold & totally empty, moved out hall! Sunday was our last gathering on route 6 in new lenox.. Excited to see how God works in all our hearts during the transition time....Although I'm not s huge advocate for big life changes, or I should say, bring them on, but give me a little extra time to adapt ;) ... I do know how instrumental spiritual change is & breaking outta the "norm" and the "same seats" snd the routine feel that sometimes can set in... This change is good. Wake us up. Renew our joy. Set us on fire. Thank you Lord.

Thankful for the reminders about the wilderness & gods provision ... Praying for daily faith to "just step outside our tent" to see all that God will provide

Thankful for family time with out of town relatives at a sox game!

Thankful thst hudson now says "how" and "uh oh". The little things, truly are big & it's adorable ...or slightly obnoxious that we all say how 30000 times a day with him & clap & cheer ;)

Thankful for dunkins fun giftcards!!

Thankful for a fun hubby who likes to wrestle & get jumped on & tackled by three crazy loud adorable ...yet violent monkeys ;)

Fun right?! 

 Fan cam!

 Those clouds!! 

Zoo fun!! 


 Loved this... Let's all be real ok? The masks gotta go!! Xo

Remember my yard sale find? Was stained dark - painted it all - leaves too - with a fab grayish real color... Yup another 50 cent tub of oops paint!! Yay!! 
& this looks way cuter ...
especially full of friends :)

Costco pizza & park playtime :) 

Hudsons massage business is booming ;) 

 Aquarium fun 

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