Monday, June 29, 2015


-so thankful for safe arrival home for my hubby & big H
-So thankful for the encouraging time they had in WA
-So thankful for the believers that gather in okanogan - 6 in fellowship - yet they have a great vision - their hearts are huge & they are "doers of the word"  ... For example "Oma" Tina, works full time yet grills elk steaks for the guys, prepped oodles of delish lunch & suppers & washes/folds all their clothes!!
-Thankful for DQ in rural Omak & for their Bday cakes.
-So thankful for Jakob & Stacey Pinkham - a favorite couple of ours from Omak WA ... Their son Adrian & Harrison had many fun memories together over the past 2 weeks
-So thankful for Tyler Clark & the friendship that he & Matt developed & for Tyler's huge heart to serve the Lord
-So thankful for dusty shoes that I got to unpack & (throw in the wash ;) )... If those shoes could talk :) sigh... The path from the RV to the tent is very dusty, and it gets walked soo many times in those 2 weeks... Thankful for harrison being part of that spiritually rich & dusty time
-So thankful for Matt showing Harrison where his priorities are. "Where you heart is, there is your treasure "
-So thankful for my brother who taxied my guys home at 1am :)
- so thankful for 2 different vbs sessions last week for us - it really really helped our week fly by!! The morning one was at a church down the road & Hannah enjoyed it immensely!!! It was fun that hudson & I had 3 hours as just us ..,It helped that her "group" was just her & her leader, miss Emily an adorable 13 year old :) the church did a great job sharing how God is our creator, provider, protector, savior & king.
 the night vbs, was at Palos hills assembly, and the parents were encouraged to stay the whole 2 hours. I love the night timing (6:15-8:15pm) & I loved every aspect/ especially nursery service for Hudson, the full, beautiful gospel in a captivating delivery by "uncle Phil" & the fact that I met a handful of new to me, huge hearted believers... In walking distance ... Looking forward to growing our relationships there 😊😘

Ps- so thankful to have a king size bed .... Full of snuggle bugs... Even at 1:30 am when we woke up Hannah to tell her dad & harrison were back .. Yawn.. Party in our bed til 3am... Double yawn...huge smile :) ....I still can't believe one of those bugs is 1-0!!!!!

 Tour guide extraordinaire!! Wolter! 

Birthday boy!!!

 Rueban hale treated the guys to birthday lunch

Vbs :) 

Night vbs 

Someone was picked for the quiet seat ;) 

Driving to sea tac airport!!

 The caravan of tent trailer & 2 RVS leaving Okanogan camp ground... another 2 week gospel series done. :)

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