Monday, June 8, 2015

Last week of school!

Thankful this week for coming home to a freezer & fridge full of treats and a counter loaded with pantry items! Such a great house warming gift from my bro and milla.... love how they are so good for each other & i love that I see my dad's heart in Dustin. God is so good. The mending and healing that has happened in our hearts is only because of God and we praise Him for that. Seeing the beauty unfold from what was a very broken family just a few years ago... is awe-some... If you are needing that hope & reassurance that the storms will pass... keep praying...stay encouraged... God knows... He will work it all out for your good... but in HIS time...

Thankful this week for Anne, who created a delish Whole 30 meal. which is no small feat.. the date walnut apple spread was a labor of love, according to the pintrest recipe... boiling dates and blending them perfectly!? wow, it was soo good!!..along with food for our kiddos & an amazing Whole 30 approved dessert... YUM!!!

Thankful to have adjusted to our new home

Thankful that we have just 4 tubs left to unpack!

Thankful that Hudson's vocab is progressing!

Thankful that Harrison is now a 5th grader.... his 4th grade year came to an end on Friday, and we will miss Ms. Hotzfield SO much!! Wow, what an inspiring, compassionate teacher! Her love for technology was amazing & he loved how much tech time they had each day :)

Thankful that I have just 4 more wake ups before school ends for me!!

Thankful for my hubby who did my least favorite moving in task... organizing all our clothes.... the mountains of clothes is no longer... instead we have neat stacks...ready for dresser drawers... which we are still looking for ....

Thankful for yard sale finds! It's pretty exciting when we drove past a school parking lot, to find the whole city of Darien was having a yard sale there! Plus, it was after 12, so that meant all items were 1/2 off. Cha ching!! :) :)

Thankful that I finally am learning to organize our needs into something that others would call... a LIST ;)        I thought for 32 years that my memory could always be counted on... but alas, that was false ;) I made a master list on Friday of our needs for our new home... and now I can relate to those happy people when they can cross something off that list :)

Coats in June!!???

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