Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Moments Captured & Multitudes: 490-500

1/2 way through the 1,000 Gift Challenge!

490- Thankful this week that we got home safely on Wednesday & that we are homebound here for a while. Matt's job is an office job, so he is no longer here at home with us, come January, (SAD!!) which means we are not super flexible like we were before, but great benefits & pay.
491- Watching Harrison & Hannah hug and exchange goodbyes today. They have been pretty much attached at the hip since we moved and homeschooled, so watching Harrison hug her and tell her he loved her, and listening to Hannah say I'll be brave, Harrison, was so sweet.
492- Walking with school! Today is his 1st day. We met his teacher - who I loved immediately- which is SUCH a blessing, as I tend to be a tad critical :) We did a bunch of enrollment stuff Friday, which allowed me to see the office staff and Principal in action, and for the hour I was there, I was impressed. Way different from our massive school in AZ. This is PreK-5th grade only. With 3-4 sections of each grade. His class has 19 kids in it. Very happy with that under 20 number. Almost unheard of in public schools!
493- Visit 2 to my dreaded place...the Dentist... to finish my root canal.
494- Neon wrapping paper & neon decorations! I am so over the red and green colors :)
495- Christmas cards and pictures of family and friends in the mail each day. I love hearing the mail truck!
496- Uplifting & encouraging & successful activities at the Nursing Home.
497- the smell of a real Christmas tree
498- everything covered in snow
499- rosey cheeks
500- Hannah recognizing her letters! She saw my shirt today and was like Hey I have that letter in my name! (H). So fun to see the gears cranking away in her brain.

 the tree!

The coolest Musical steps ever at the Museum of Science in Boston (Her magnifying glass was her most prized accessory that day)

Anita & Hannah


Is this my child!? All smiles around a zillion bees?!

8 1/2 months

Butterfly exhibit
Great morning memories with my aunt & uncle in MA

Movie time on great-grammy hill's couch

Another special aunt & Harrison having too much fun playing darts
 Getting closer to IL!
 1st day of 3rd grade:Public School: - 12/16/13

So awesome that we can walk to school! For some reason it's Harrison's dream. Glad that dream could come true ;)

Very special to have Uncle Dustin around for special days like today


Gingerbread Night at the Nursing Home

 Sarah & Harrison

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