Sunday, December 1, 2013

December's 1st Multitude Monday

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We sure did!  That is my chart topper for this week's gratitude journal! (470-480)
(We started Thanksgiving with Dunkin , of course, then headed to PGM for Matt to speak(Thanks for being prayer warriors:)) and us to help. We got another tour of the facility before the speaking part happened, and it continues to touch our hearts that so many are in need and so many taken down by sin's addictions. The positive side is that everyone who stays at PGM must sit under a Gospel message before they get food. And food they get! Wow, the outpouring of donations and the community support is just a miracle. Our tour guide was a recovering crack addict who is now on the road to Heaven, and has said goodbye to that former lifestyle. He lives at PGM and is part of their Bible Program ( read more on Hearing his rebirth in Christ, was so refreshing & encouraging. We met some friends from church there, and had a blessed morning. We were thankful to have a home to drive back to though and all the many many "things" we "need" at our disposal there.

 My mom loved using her Patriotic Dishes :)

 Thank you Pintrest for amazing ideas.
The leaf says Blessed

Cooking in progress

One happy baby! 1st Thanksgiving!

Mom & Ray

Smiley Kids

Kaisi & Dust

Matt & I
(Love our fancy Thanksgiving attire;) all cozy & ready for some big plates of delicious-ness!)

 Pintrest recipe = best side dish this yr

 Sprite Zero Cranberry flavored- AMAZING- with cranberry ice cubes :)

My mother in laws amazing recipe We had a piece of the Heberts with us :)
471- Parents Night Out at our Gym = a blast of a night for our 2 oldest, at the gym, so we could double date with Dust & Kaisi
472-This double date time was amazing: first we ate at Weber Grill. YUM
473- Then we scored great Black Friday deals. Kaisi helped me scour all of Nordstrom rack for the mate to Hannah's "wear" gift of sparkle UGGs  (I SO want the mama ones!!)
474- Then finally we ended:with Starbucks in hand, strolling an outdoor mall with amazing window displays & stocking stuffers from Sur La Table
475- Smell of a real Christmas Tree
476- Hudson crawling up the stairs! He has a new trick each week! So fun
477-Encouragement in the book of Acts. I am trying to do a phrase study of "one accord".
478-News that my dad's dear Aunt passed away, and is free from suffering and enjoying Heavenly bliss and reunited with her Lord - and her husband! (And my dad!) Pray for the Procopio Families tonight
479- Boston count down is in single digits! We may leave Tuesday pending funeral arrangements
480- December is here. Christmas is coming. Sparkles everywhere. Gifts will be under the tree soon. The BEST gift can't be wrapped! "Thanks be to God for his indescribable Gift (His Son)."ICorinthians 9:15


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  1. Great pictures, Ali! Kids are gorgeous! You're going to Boston... just a little jealous! Can't wait to see you on the West Coast!