Monday, November 25, 2013


Happy Monday!
How was your weekend?
Hopefully many blessings came your way :)

460- Harrison ran a 5K in Chicago's freezing temps. We all attempted it. Let me say I should be very thankful the littles are not frost bitten still. The morning chill of 25 degrees- we have a warm cocoon thingie for Hudson in the stroller and super bundled him & Hannah, yet the first leg of the race, screams and whines from both. So we got rescued mid race and stayed in the truck until Harrison crossed the finish line!

461- Celebrating family. We went to Maggiano's for supper with Dustin and my mom's friend and our family. The waitress asked if we were celebrating anything. And you know- we were. Being together. Being reunited. Being a family. She was like Oh- ok, that's great. I wanted to be like YES ITS AMAZING - if you only know the 1/2 of it :)  I  think we often forget that THAT is a HUGE celebration! What a blessing being together IS.  Hopefully you are celebrating that today too :)

462- my brother's sense of humor

463- my dad's thoughtfulness is lived through my brother. My dad would always make the world revolve around us and then once Harrison was born, it was around him, when we were together ( he passed away before our other 2 were born). Dustin is passing on the love, like my dad used to.He makes our kids feel very special and very important. He is getting to know them, getting beat at Playstation by H, getting bossed around by Hannah, getting drooled on by Hudson....the list is endless. Yesterday- he came in bearing Dunkin for us all & donuts for the kids & toys. He's like "I love being an uncle! Toys R Us is so cool!" :)

464- pintrest success for our thanksgiving centerpiece (Glitter + spray paint + pumpkins = gorgeous)

465- heat & shelter

466- my new read " Dont Make Me Count To Three" by Ginger Plowman. Amazingly written (so far), and has great biblical perspectives on parenting and changing the heart - and once the heart is changed, then the behavior should be changed too. (It speaks to me too- funny how parenting books show the parents how much they need to grow too)

467- Christmas lights are up outside & garland and lights are up inside!

468- the dentist! (One of my biggest fears. However today I had a sermon on while the drill was going, and the message was about Doing All Through Christ... All includes the dentist... so I took a few deep breaths, and tried to relax.... an hour later I was done & had survived) Anyone else dislike the dentist so much!?

469-an encouraging outreach dinner for the Sunday School families at our church here

470- Thankful for the story of the 10 Lepers in Luke 17. It helped me remember that I was like the Lepers- sick in sin, (not leprosy). But I need to be thankful each and every day. Not like the 9 who walked away without a thankful heart. But be like that one leper, who glorified God and was thankful. Some days I take being saved for granted- instead of really being amazed by His grace. Take time to read the story in Luke 17- it's just a couple short verses, but such a great lesson in thankfulness.


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