Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tornados...In November??

Tonight (Sunday) - we are back in IL safely.
The morning started off with our silly kiddos bouncing around the Louisville hotel room & doing a Sunday devotion. Then we started getting our stuff ready & my mom texted us to be careful because of weather. We turned on the Weather Channel- but it didnt seem to be that bad of a storm yet. We drove for a bit and the weather was calm. But then... it hit... and we had some scary weather. It reminded us not to take our road trip safety for granted. Matt had the truck at 90 for a long time, and normally I am the worst co-pilot, and remind him of the speed often, but today, I was wanting 90-100 the whole time( I knew that cops wouldnt be speed trapping- they too would either be wanting us to speed home to safety or helping others). The dark storm clouds loomed all around.At one point Matt had to slow way down because the truck was literally trying to move side to side because of the winds. My brother was texting us radar info the whole time. We kept the potty stops to 2 for the 4 1/2 hr trek which was a miracle! But oddly enough, our last stop was in Lowell Indiana. And then tonight- during the November Tornado news- someone called in from .... Lowell, Indiana!! Wow. I got shivers. Apparently there were several tornados around that area, and then closer to our home -so seriously, as we saw that footage tonight, we cannot thank the Lord enough. You know those days when prayer is a forced ritual almost? (Hopefully for you they are few and far between if ever- but I definately have those days when I dont quiet my heart like I should & really trust in Him to get me through. Today my heart was quieted. The whole time we drove, we were praying & trusting.We knew God was watching us. We knew He knew our hearts and thoughts. Tonight we are thankful & are heavy hearted for the 5+ casualities, and the many without homes & power. Pray for Washington, Peoria and Frankfort Illinois areas tonight. And continue to pray for the Phillipines.


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