Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Monday!

Our final Monday here by the beach- so we will soak up the sun and memorize the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Matt & I wondered, if we lived here at some point- would all the beach wonders grow old? Or would we wake up each day, with the sun, ready to embrace the squishy sand in our toes and the palm trees blowing ? We both thought - the latter. We would always enjoy it. Maybe one day :)

440- Dolphins jumping

441- Key lime pie

442- My new read " The Gospel According to Jesus"

443- New friends at the pool

444- Bedtime  snuggles with the kids or as Hannah calls it "Monster Hug"

445- Dole's Strawberry Dippers

446- Early morning strolls with our early bird Hudson who missed the daylight savings memo about gaining an hour (which is another super cool perk about being on the East coast- AZ never changed times, but here we did, and how cool! but sad for super early darkness (630pm its dark! Whats up!?)

447- Hudson eating sand. Maybe that's the new teething medicine?

448- Hannah's love for sensory time- she can sit in the sand for ever & organize shells into a rainbow- silently. But then when birds come by- she runs past them - sounding like she belongs to their species, and shows pure j.o.y.

449- Harrison giving his friends directions on games. While I was tanning today & the littles were upstairs napping-  I got to just lay & listen & hear Harrison aka Mini -Papa give the very s.p.e.c.i.f.i.c directions to the game. He is such a little leader with a big heart.

450- Extension on our time here! So Matt wont take any days off, we are leaving Friday afternoon instead, so we are here ALL week long instead of just a couple more days. Why rush back to cold?! Although, we are ready to see Uncle Dustin again & have a tad more space & we need to decorate Mimi's house for Xmas!! She gets all sorts of crazy for Xmas & we L.O.V.E that!! I'm dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS! Who's with me!? :) :)

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