Monday, November 18, 2013

Multitude Monday is here!

The gratitude journal continues.....getting closer to 1,000!

450- Thankful we made it home safely, despite the inclimate weather (refer to yesterday's post!)

451- Thankful that we are able to serve Thanksgiving Dinner at Pacific Garden Mission (If you live around here, let us know if you want to join! The more the merrier!) What a blessing to give this time of year. The gift of time is more precious than you realize! Maybe you can give that gift too?

452- Thankful that this week is the Operation Shoebox Collection week, so all the boxes that have been lovingly stuffed, can now be shipped! (And our dining room can be normal once again :))

453- Thankful for Lifetime! Oh how I have missed you!

454- Thankful that God is  overall & although we need to plan and prepare for each day, we know that He controls all the goings on and even though somethings are way unexpected- He knows. He has it under control.

455- Boston trip is getting closer!!

456- Patriots play tonight!

457- Thankful that I have two motivating guys here to help our new eating plan go right. Dustin and Matt are awesome chefs and super intense when a competition is near. I think I will beat them both though :) Woot woot! We are just doing a crazy 2 week stint. (Hopefully it will last for a lifetime, but I like short term goals and instant results - are there such things!?)

458-  Makes Xmas shopping so much easier! Also, I am SUCH an emotional shopper & a sucker for ads! (You too??) So when I walk into a store and smell their cinnamon pine cones, or hear the Xmas music or see their neon sparkly clothes for Hannah- I want to shop til I drop & my debit card dislikes that. So I thought I would be intentional this Xmas, and budget and plan ahead. Both foreign concepts to me :) But yay, we are following an idea from Pintrest, to give 4 gifts to each kiddo. A need, a want, a read and a wear gift. And Hannah & Harrison are done! My inlaws are 1/2 done & my debit card loves me & I did it on the deck in FL with waves in the background & the best part- packages get to arrive!!! Fun mail = best mail!

459- 2 uncles to shop for this year. Praising the Lord for family.

460- Homeschool play date tomorrow for Harrison & art class & service project this week. Really excited to see how the Lord directs about Harrison's education. School is WAY better with fun friends- so pray for us this week especially :)

As the official Thanksgiving day approaches, what tops your list for thankfulness?



  1. Really like 458 and the 4 gift idea!
    After 3 weeks (going on 4) of Gospel meetings, I am very thankful for salvation!
    Glad you made it home safely. xo

  2. Thanks Jess!
    Yes, AGREE 1000% with you on being thankful for salvation!