Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Thankful that .....

it's APRIL, which means a couple of things....

there is only 20 days until my big 3-3!!
there is only 14 days until my school's Spring Break!
[Oh how I wish my school & our kid's school overlapped]

my tribe got to the airport on time... despite their "taxi service" arriving 30 minutes late!
they arrived safely with a smooth flight... let the goofy times and matchy matchy stuff begin ;)

 Those smiles and those AZ sunsets...

my father in law's generosity! from renting my crew a fun Charger to buying baseball tickets.... {although I had a huge melt down on Friday night & have to have continual mental pep talks since, about sacrifice and mommy life.... I am very thankful for a fun Spring Break for my loves}

Harrison loves working out. He kicked my butt running. Made a 10 minute mile seem like nothing....like not even breathing hard!! Love this kid!!

 we had joy in the journey during our One Day Strike.... {I steer clear of all things political, too much drama and stress & in reality it ALL works out somehow, sometime, but we had to walk off the job as a collective district, all 600 schools... and so we did it & even though it was an unpaid day, it was super fun to laugh, dance and cheer as we got beeped at all morning. And check out this sewer repair company... stopped at our corner with a Box of Joe and 2 dozen donuts! Really!? }

 Miss Jordan is in the middle, and she is my aid most days, from 8-10 am & is AHMAZING!!! She knows everyone & everything about the school and community and is such a valuable resource and friend. 

 {more CTU strike pic}

thankful that my foreign exchange student Wiebke, sent me an invite to her wedding in Hamburg! We haven't seen each other for at least 12 years, nor talked or anything... but somehow she thought of us.. Love her heart!!

XO Friends

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